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VIDEO #1: Are There Any Real Benefits To Trading Options vs. Picking Stocks?

Options sound cool right? But what are the real benefits of trading options over simply trading stocks. In this video we'll show you why options offer so much more with higher returns and less risk.

VIDEO #2 - Mastering The Top 7 Options Pricing Principles Before Your Next Trade

Any option's price is determined by many more factors than just the price of the underlying stock. So we'll cover the top 7 options pricing principles and why you need to understand these before your next trade.

VIDEO #3: The Hard Truth About Risk Management & Trade Adjustments

This one might sing for some of you but we need to get the truth out there. You see most traders have never though about risk management like we are going to present it here in this video. Don't miss this one.

VIDEO #4 - Our Personal Trading Plan Designed To Generate Consistent Income

We are pulling back the curtain on our entire strategy and system for selecting stocks, choosing strike prices and options strategies. Plus we'll give you a sneak peak inside the massive education platform.

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