3 Reasons Why You Should Join A Trading Forum To Help Share Your Knowledge

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Online trading forums are great places to continue to share ideas and grow in your trading education. It's definitely best if you can learn to make your own trading decisions of course (which I what we try to teach with our membership) but sometime you may just need some reassurance from other traders/investors. Forums can be a great place to bounce ideas off someone, talk about the market, or just sit back and get an idea of other trading sentiment.

Be Selective When Searching

With some many places to get information these days, I do have to throw in my own words of caution. Some forums out there are just pumping penny stocks and horrible trades. So it's important to find the best forums and stick with it for a couple weeks.

Our Facebook Fan Page and the blog comments sections are great places to start and actually have broken some major market news before other global news sources (Protest and Earthquake news broke here well before other news stories)! I'm sure many of you can attest to the great community we have here that is always willing to share ideas and help.

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Here Are 3 Reasons To Join A Forum:

FEEDBACK - By far the biggest benefit of any sort of online trading forum is feedback but its members. When you post a question, have a comment, or share an idea you are likely to get a lot of responses back. Even just reading through past comments and questions can be quite educational for anyone of us. Use these opportunities to give and receive honest feedback.

CONNECTIONS - Sometimes a comment or post tread with lead to deeper and more meaningful connections with other members. Over time these connections grow into great relationships. I can personally attest to the wonderful benefits of this blog (my own personal forum if you will!). I have met some of the most amazing and smart traders by doing this blog and membership service that I wouldn't give it up for anything. It's made me a much better trader over the years and will continue to help me grow.

NEWS, IDEAS, CHARTS - No one website can possibly capture every single breaking story and news. As such, forums are a great way to share ideas, news stories, and charts with countless investors and traders. A minefield of resource information, and all for free. And honestly, the more you share the more you will get in return from whatever forum you choose to participate in. Givers gain when it comes to online trading forums.

Can You Suggest A Great Trading Forum?

If you've been a part of a great online trading forum on Yahoo, Google, or others, please share the link in the comments section. Let us know why specifically you like the group!

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