1 Trick To Get Option Orders Filled Sooner

option orders

Ever wonder why some people’s orders are getting filled and yours are not? You have a working order, but other orders are getting executed ahead of yours right? So what can you do to get this filled sooner? Here is 1 Trick… Try to enter orders with unusual quantities. Instead of entering an order for…

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Understanding The REAL Risks Of Trading Options For A Living

trading options for a living

Whether you are still thinking about getting started or already actively trading options, it is very important to take the time to learn and REALLY understand all of the risks involved. Options trading is a completely different animal when it comes to the general world of investing. Thousands upon thousands of dollars have been made…

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Learn How To Profit From Unusual And Abnormally High Options Trading Volume

Every now and then we are looking at trades and see some unusual and abnormally high options trading volume. But how can you really profit from this high volume? Moreover, why is there high volume in just a few strike prices? Either way, high option volume is usually staring you in the face when you…

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5 Ways To Reduce Your Trading Commissions

options trading commissions

If you want to trade professionally or even part-time for extra income you’re gonna have to pay to play. Unlike many other businesses, trading actually DOES cost money just to get started. I mean if you don’t have money to invest how in the world are you going to make money right? As a trader…

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What The Heck Is Support And Resistance For Stock Traders And How Can I Use It?

support and resistance

We hear it all the time right? Support and resistance…but what the heck is Support and Resistance for stock and options traders? And really why should we care about it after all? Well, you should care and here’s the skinny on this simple but powerful technical analysis tool. What is Resistance? Resistance refers to the…

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