Shocking Results: Only 5% of Technical Analysis Indicators Actually Beat The SPY Benchmark Over 20 Years

Technical Analysis Indicators

Exactly 39, or about 5%, of the 766 different long-only technical analysis indicators we backtested beat the benchmark SPY overall net return. This, unfortunately, means that more than 95% of technical analysis settings underperformed. And the question you have to ask yourself now is, “Am I currently using a technical analysis indicator that is doomed?”…

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OAP 039 : Does Technical Analysis Really Work? The 3 Big Game-Changing Questions It Took Us 12 Months To Answer

Technical Analysis

Do you remember the feeling you had the first time you were introduced to technical analysis or stock charting indicators in general? You were probably at some weekend stock market seminar or watching a video online, and everything just clicked in your mind. The volume signaling that more buyers were present in the market to…

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Show 038 : Insider’s Guide to Options Trading Taxes Part 1

options trading taxes

For years, I’ve had members ask me about options trading taxes, ways to reduce your taxes, the best legal structures, international trading taxes and hundreds of other questions on the subject. Recently I decided to survey just our PRO and ELITE members to find out what questions they wanted specifically answered when it came to…

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Show 037 : Real-Time Option Alpha Performance Stats & Options Trading Metrics Now Live

option alpha performance

Part of our mission here at is to offer the highest level of transparency possible in order to help you gain more confidence in your own options trading system. This week we launched our newest feature after spending more than 5 months developing a propriety portfolio tracking software that monitors and reports key statistics…

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Show 036 : Lessons Learned After 2 Years of Re-Igniting A Passion for Options Trading w/ Aram Basmadjian

Options Trading

I’m crazy excited to finally bring you my interview with Aram Basmadjian from because it’s such a genuine and honest conversation with a guy who continues to grow in his education and love of options trading. In fact, he was hesitant at first to come on the show because I reached out to him…

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Show 035 : LIVE From FinCon w/ The Options PlayBook Author Brian Overby of TradeKing

the options playbook

This week during the FinCon Expo in Charlotte I had the opportunity to sit down with “The Options Playbook” author Brian Overby. Brian is also the Senior Options Strategies from TradeKing and this 40+ min LIVE interview covers so much it’s hard to summarize it here. Plus, as a very special gift Brian signed 2…

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Show 034: The Shocking Truth About Becoming A Consistently Profitable Options Trader

Profitable options trader

Being a consistent, profitable options trader doesn’t take much. In fact, I’d even go as far to say it takes very little time and effort on a weekly basis. Yet, we’ve been told in the media (and through other publications and websites) that you have to have lots of money, trade fast or day trade…

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Show 033: Interview w/ Sarah Potter – Trading Weekly Options With Simple Strategies & Multiple Timeframes

Sarah Potter She Can Trade

In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast I had a chance to interview Sarah Potter, Author of How You Can Trade Like A Pro and founder of This self-taught trader will share her story and why this former futures trader quickly migrated over to options trading because of the better fit with her…

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Show 032: How to Set Financial Goals – The Top 10 Mistakes People Make Constantly

How to Set Financial Goals

I completely underestimated the power of how to set financial goals until about a year and a half ago. Since then I’ve changed the way I look at and set goals in all areas of my life (not just financially) and it’s made a huge difference. In today’s podcast, I want to really take the…

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Show 031 : What Michael Jordan Can Teach Us About Options Trading

teach options trading

You know the name, and the legacy. But what you don’t know about Michael Jordan and his impressive career might actually help you become a more successful options trader. I know what you’re thinking already. Kirk, how on earth does basketball relate to trading options? You see on the outside they don’t but once you…

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