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Manage your portfolio like a professional

Serious traders know that risk management is critical. Every bot has custom settings so you can control capital allocation and position limits.
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You're always in control with bot settings

Managing a portfolio has never been easier. Set your capital allocation and position limits for every strategy and trade with confidence.
Tell your bot how much to trade
Set defined position limits
Modify bot settings at any time
Set your position limits

Daily and total position limits ensure you're only trading with in your plan. Bots won't open a new position if a limit is hit.

Total control and transparency

You input the settings you're comfortable with, and you can edit the limits as your account changes.

Only allocate the capital you want

Bots can only use the capital you allocate. So you always know how much money is at risk.

Simplified trade management

Bots only do what you tell them to do with emotionless automated trading so you always follow your trade plan.

My problem in the past has always been trade management … namely inability to keep emotions at bay when in the trade. The bots solve that problem for me.


Here's everything you need to know about
Position and Capital Allocation Limits

Can I change my capital allocation and position limits?

Of course. You can always modify your bot's settings after creating a bot.

Does Option Alpha and the bots have access to my brokerage account?

No. A bot only trades the capital you provide it. Your account, including personal information and account balances, cannot be accessed by Option Alpha.

How many positions can I have?

A bot has a max daily position limit of 10 positions and a max total position limit of 10 positions.

How much capital can I allocate to a bot?

Allocations vary by plan. Visit our pricing page to see details about bot allocation.

What happens if the bot tries to enter a trade with too much money?

A bot will not send an order to your broker if it violates your capital allocation limit. If a daily or total position limit is reached, the bot will stop scanning for new trades.

Does closing a trade count toward the position limits?

No. You can close as many trades as you like inside a bot.

Still have questions?

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