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Upgrading to ELITE is for serious traders who want detailed option alerts and trading plans from a successful industry veteran.

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This is your opportunity to finally see positive results and avoid the uncertainty and outlandish time and expense of trying to "do it own your own" by showing you specific trades and trading plans which get it done for you.

ELITE Membership Benefits:

  • Trading Alerts

    Detailed options trading alerts sent daily via email and/or SMS text message.

  • Nightly Video

    Each day after the close we’ll publish a video recap of all our trades.

  • Webinar Training

    Ongoing monthly live group coaching sessions and seminars.

  • Trading Plans

    Specific trading plans for $10k, $50k or $100k+ accounts. (Coming Soon!)

  • Strategy Calls

    Jump on our weekly calls to talk strategy for the upcoming week.

  • HD Recordings

    Play high quality video recordings of all our past calls/webinars.

  • Portfolio PDF

    View all our current and open trades (by strategy) with our Portfolio PDF.

  • Monthly Q&A

    Get all your questions answered live by our head trader Kirk Du Plessis.

  • Trading Archives

    Instant access to over 169 hours of archived trade history videos.

  • Premium Guides

    Advanced, more detailed checklists and guides to download.

  • Event Discounts

    Reduced ticket & admission deals to upcoming live, in-person events.

  • Legendary Support

    We are always here to help you with any questions that come up.

What ELITE Members are Saying.


As a new trader (less than one year) I have reviewed countless videos and subscribed to a handful of services. These proved to be expensive lessons indeed. I recently became aware of Kirk and Option/Alpha and finally have the confidence to continue trading.

Kirk's difference is his ability to not only tell you what he is trading, but why he is making a trade (in a very visual manner). I recommend all traders to check out Option/Alpha. Makes all the difference in the world.

I come from the world of finance already and for me Option Alpha was like switching from PC to Mac: a much smoother experience and a huge change in learning experience with complete training under-the-hood.

And the strange paradox for me is, that you can actually spend less time with options than I ever thought. It just doesn't require your attention all day which is nice.



I’m still working my way through the learning process and it’s nice to know there are real people like Kirk who care and are more than happy to walk me through any questions. He even stepped in at one point to help make sure I placing a new trade alert correctly.

I’ve already been telling friends about the service and look forward to seeing the Option Alpha flourish.

Option Alpha has done something very powerful for me; quieted and focused my investing. Before Option Alpha I was all over the place with ideas about how trading worked. Through Option Alpha’s education and training videos, I have a clear vision of what success looks like and specifically what I need to do to be successful.



Group session was awesome last night - thanks again for all the time you put into the classes. Sine working together over the last 3 months - it is as if the lights just flipped on and I can now see the world for the first time.

After your guidance on managing losers - I need to find more of them so I can put all of your coaching to work! Who would have ever thought I would have said that Overall very happy with my progress - now I need to advance my other strategies. Thanks again for all you do!

Just attended the webinar training for members and wanted to thank you for the clear explanations offered. I am a fairly new trader and have come to understand that anyone can make a trade - the challenge is to manage it. This had clearly addressed this topic. Thanks!



What I love most about Option Alpha is the simple video tutorials of literally every element I need to efficiently trade with my day job. To be honest I'm completely new at this and as a women it's a little intimidating. But Kirk so easily explains everything that I no longer am struggling with multiple issues when placing trades – and the days of worrying about the losing all my money are gone. Option Alpha is the total package, and I can’t imagine where I'd be right now without it.

Hey Kirk doing fine, up $1220 so far this week with the last 16 trades. Amazing thanks!!!


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Not seeing enough progress right now in your trading account? Let us show you how to generate a more consistent stream of long-term income trading options that will change your life.

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  • q-iconHow much money do I need to get started?

    Technically you don’t need any money to start learning and paper trading (which we highly suggest). If you would like to take advantage of our trading alerts we suggest you start with at least $3,000+ in a trading account that you can invest. Of course you won’t replace your current income with this amount but this is enough to get started.

  • q-iconCan I make trades in an IRA or retirement account?

    Yes. For nearly all of the strategies we trade you will be able to copy these trades in your IRA or retirement account. And if we ever trade anything that isn’t allowed in an IRA we’ll offer an alternative, IRA favorable trade. As always, check with your broker if you have any specific questions.

  • q-iconHow long do I have access?

    Lifetime members get access for life and will be grandfathered into any future price increases which means that you are currently getting everything at the lowest possible price right now. If you decide to go with our monthly membership you’ll get constant access each month that your membership stays active. If you cancel for some reason middle of the month you’ll still always get access pro-rated for the time you paid.

  • q-iconAny monthly contracts to sign?

    No way – there are NO monthly contracts and you are completely free to cancel any time you want for any reason. We think you’ll love what we have to offer but if you don’t we make it super easy to cancel with just 3 clicks inside the membership area.

  • q-iconHow much money can I make?

    Unfortunately there is no way we can answer that realistically. There are so many factors that are dependent on your ability to make money trading options. What we can tell you is that if you follow our system and go through the training you’ll be able to have a 100% clear picture of what it takes to generate consistent income trading options.

  • q-iconWill I have losing trades occasionally?

    Yes – losing trades do happen. Nobody can ever guarantee that you won’t lose money trading options. If you thought that you wouldn’t lose money please close this window now and leave. We don’t want members who are too naive to believe that you’ll never have a losing trade. Frankly if someone tells you that you’ll never have a losing trade you should turn and run away as fast as you can.

  • q-iconAfter joining, how soon do I receive access/alerts?

    Instantly! As soon as you complete the 20 second checkout you’ll be taken directly to the main membership area where you can start to navigate through all the awesome tools we put together for you as a premium member. Plus you’ll start getting the trading alerts the same day (assuming we are placing trades that day).

  • q-iconCan non-US residents sign up?

    Of course! We already have members from all over the world. However, you’ll always have to check with your broker to make sure you have the right documents filed to be able to trade US options. Also, please make sure you can get a US phone number for SMS alerts. If not you’ll still get our email alerts which is why we send both.

  • q-iconHow many trades per day/week?

    Depends. Since we are not day traders we will make position trades throughout the week and month as we see great opportunities. This means that we will be more or less active depending on the overall market conditions. The key is that we do not “force” trades just for the sake of trading. If there are not good trades to be made we will wait.

  • q-iconIf I need help who do I talk to?

    Hi there my name is Kirk and I’m the guy behind Option Alpha. You’ll be able to talk directly with me and ask as many questions as you wish. I’m here to make sure you have a great experience and learn how to make smarter trades. You’ll never be left in the dark as a member here!