Understanding the Trade Alerts

Every single time we make any trade (opening, closing, earnings, or hedge) we’ll send out an alert automatically to Premium Members. But since the trade confirmations can sometimes be a little hard to understand unless you speak “option orders” I put together this quick video tutorial and downloadable PDF guide to help you break-down the alerts with tons of examples.

Download the "Trade Alert Examples" Guide

Other Important Notes (PLEASE READ):

Below you'll find some common questions and important keys to correctly using the trading alerts in the future. Take your time to read through all the areas below so you have a complete understanding before moving forward.

  1. We are NOT your registered investment advisor so we cannot legally post past trade history or performance. However, you are free to go back through all our archived videos above and see all the trades we've made since starting Option Alpha - profit or loss it's all there 100% transparent.
  2. Our trading alerts are NOT recommendations to buy/sell any security. All examples presented on our website and through our content are for educational purposes only.
  3. Opening trades are completely new positions that you can follow. Just remember to scale down your position size if needed. We recommend new positions are 1-5% max risk per trade of your account. As always if you don't understand the strategy, please take the time to first go through a video tutorial or two before making the trade.
  4. Closing trades are positions that we have completely exited for a profit/loss. Clearly, you should not initiate the closing order unless you had the original opening position. As we get closer to expiration we will always alert you on any open trades that will be closed, rolled or adjusted. We'll never leave you hanging.
  5. Hedges are adjustments to current open positions and we also suggest you do not copy these unless you had the original position. These are not stand-alone trades. Within each hedge alert we will offer comments on the particular strategy or outlook going forward and our reasoning behind the adjustment. For more on adjustment strategies and tactics to reduce risk please see our trade adjustment video tutorials.
  6. Earnings trades are usually 1-2 day trades focused on profiting from the "IV crush" that happens after a stock announces earnings. We will generally open these trades late in the afternoon and quickly close them the following morning (post-earnings). Since they do require a little more attention we don't suggest these trades unless you have a flexible schedule. That said, you don't need to make earnings trades to be profitable with options. These are just an added bonus every couple months.

As always, should you have any other questions that come up as you get started with our trading alerts, feel free to email us directly and we'll make sure you get the right answers!

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