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Paying Yourself A Small Salary

My personal strategy for using options trading as a source of income for my family is to set a monthly salary draw at the beginning of each year. Contrary to what most traders do in taking out whatever they make as a profit each month (if there is anything there to take), I prefer to know exactly what I'm getting so that I don't feel the need to fit the market for my income. Important: This doesn't mean that we can take whatever we want. There are some set guidelines to use as far as monthly/annual draw-down that you should follow and whenever possible you should continue to add funds to your account if you are able.

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  • Marcus

    Hi Kirk, I’m looking forward to this!

  • Prahem

    How much money I generated would you recommend to put back into the account to grow the account

    • As much as possible. You can start trading with as little as $5k.

  • MACDdaddy

    Would like to see the video…. I am working on my personal business trading plan. I would like to see your ideas on that.

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