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Leveraging the “Analyze” Tab

With options trading it can sometimes be hard to visualize a trade's profit and loss diagram. Using the "Analyze" tab on thinkorswim has been a huge game-changer for us (and many other traders) because we are able to build and mold strategies instantly like never before.

Here I'll show you how to quickly add simulated trades and hedges to any position you are interested in taking in addition to walking through some of the basics on using the analyze tab.

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  • Glenn

    Nice! I was just thinking before I watched this that I ought to start using this capability to learn more about how different strategies work and test out theories on adjusting my trades…
    Thanx for the video!

  • I don’t because TOS offers so much already on their site about there platform and it changes so often we couldn’t possibly keep up.

  • You don’t have to exercise the contract – you can always just trade the options back in the open market without ever having to deal with exercising.

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