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Over the last 8 years I've helped educate and coach option traders from 37 different countries at all levels; from people just starting out to professional traders with multi-million dollar portfolios (and everyone in between).

My goal is to "pull back the curtain" and give you as much education and training as possible in all the right areas so that you can learn to make decisions for yourself. Because at the end of the day you have the capacity to do this on your own - you just need a little help getting there.

With our training you can finally say goodbye to unorganized, blind investing and start learning a fresh approach to high probability trading that actually helps you earn consistent income.

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Kirk Du Plessis - Founder, Head Trader

What Others Are Saying.

It’s literally plug and play training. I just wish I could get all those wasted hours back trying to do this stuff myself.



What I love most about Option Alpha is the simple video tutorials of literally every element I need to efficiently trade with my day job. To be honest I'm completely new at this and as a women it's a little intimidating. But Kirk so easily explains everything that I no longer am struggling with multiple issues when placing trades – and the days of worrying about the losing all my money are gone. Option Alpha is the total package, and I can’t imagine where I'd be right now without it.

Dude I gotta tell ya man this is pretty cool! I'm gonna send the link to my buddy who's just starting out in the stock market! Videos are wicked good buddy :)



Cannot thank Option Alpha enough for the option tutorial videos they put out. Helps me understand options plays a lot more and as they say helps me become a lot "smarter" trader out there.

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Our training is so good that last year our founder Kirk was selected as a key contributor to Barron's Annual Brokerage Review.