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Options trading is one of the most profitable, and yet conservative ways to trade in the stock market. Options give you the ability to control or leverage a position in underlying stocks and ETFs with a relatively small amount of money. The added diversity in contract months and strike prices means incredible flexibility in profit scenarios, allowing trades to generate income in rising, flat or falling markets. Our guides and training videos at Option Alpha will take you from newbie stock investor to professional options trader.

Guide to Options Trading

3 Different Ways to Trade Iron Condors

Iron condor: Tonight, we’re going to go over all of the trades that we made for Monday, December 15th. I can’t believe it’s already halfway through the month and I’ve still got tons of Christmas shopping to do for the holidays, probably like rest of us. But we had a very busy day with the market…

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IWM Iron Butterfly (LIVE Closing Trade)

Iron butterfly: The market has just opened here, and we’re going to go in and close out an IWM iron butterfly trade that we had. We had an excellent wide iron butterfly trade that we entered primarily when the market fell. And since then, the market has traded sideways, and that’s helped our position. Everything in…

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IBB Iron Condor (LIVE Closing Trade)

Iron condor: In this video, we’re going to go through how we’re going to close out of our complete iron condor in IBB. Markets have already opened here at the time that I’m doing this video. It’s about 30 minutes after the market opened, so stocks have settled into a little bit of a range here.…

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XOP Short Strangle (LIVE Closing Trade)

Short strangle: In this video, we’re going to go through trying to close out of our XOP strangle that we’re currently in right now. This is a trade that we got into back on 3/11 for XOP which is a SPY oil and gas ETF. Implied volatility was high at the time, so we did a…

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69% Profit In 3 Days Trading EWZ

Option trading: Today where we are officially launching our podcast, I just wanted to let you guys know that of course, you’ll get the email about it, hopefully, if you haven’t already gotten it, but you will get it tonight about the official launch of the Option Alpha podcast. It’s been so long in the making,…

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AAPL Call Calendar (LIVE Closing Trade)

Call calendar: In this video, we’re going to make a live closing trade here of our Apple calendar spread that we entered into just a couple of days ago. We got into this trade back on 3/24 for Apple. At the time that we’re doing this video, it’s 3/29. It’s only been about five days, but…

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COH Earnings Trade $166 Profit

Earnings trade: In this video update, we want to quickly go through just one single closing trade that we had in COH which was Coach. And this was a trade that we got into yesterday. This was an earnings trade that we got into late yesterday about 15 minutes before the market closed. And I know…

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CMG Iron Condor (LIVE Closing Trade)

Iron condor: In this video, we’re going to try to close out of our CMG which is Chipotle iron condor that we entered into a little while back. We entered this back on in February. Now that it’s the end of March, this thing has come in, these iron condors take a little bit longer because…

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X Strangle (LIVE Closing Trade)

Strangle: In this video, we’re going to go through a closing trade that we have here in X which is US Steel. That’s the position that we’re going to cover today. Now, this was an original strangle that we entered a little while back. We’ll get into the details here in a second.  But now, it’s…

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$100 OIH Credit Spread Profit in 6 Days

Call credit spread: In this video, we’re just going to go quickly over the one closing trade that we did have today in OIH. We were able to buyback this spread. We tried to do it yesterday but didn’t get filled in the order. And we’re a little bit more aggressive than just the 50% profit…

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