The 'ELITE Lifetime Plan' Goes Away Forever on December 1st...

Anyone who upgrades before this date will be grandfathered in at the best possible price. On December 1st 2020 we will no longer offer the choice to upgrade to the ELITE Lifetime plan ever again. We are only offering this lifetime pricing as a special launch promotion.

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ELITE Lifetime Plan

$1,997 (ONE-TIME)
  • Unlimited access at our highest level, ELITE, which includes the NEW autotrading platform.
  • Limited time offer expires November 1st, 2020
  • No recurring monthly or annual subscriptions.
  • Early access to the new autotrading platform.
  • Invest smart (in automated trading)
  • Save hundreds vs. monthly at $299/month.
  • Current and future paid research reports.
  • Weekly live Strategy Calls.
  • Bi-monthly live Office Hours Q&A.
  • Priority support and help from our team.
  • Please carefully read what is NOT included in Lifetime in the FAQ below.

What's included in the ELITE Lifetime plan?

Your new ELITE Lifetime plan grants total access to the Option Alpha platform, including the new autotrading platform at the ELITE Level without monthly or yearly subscriptions. This means you'll save thousands of dollars and get access to all our software tools (autotrading, watchlist, backtester) and the entire paid research library. Plus, if we ever release new software tools or research you'll get that as well.

Any special launch promotions?

Yes! Currently we are offering promotional ELITE Lifetime pricing at the one-time price of $2,497 until December 1st. This promotion gets you access to the new Option Alpha platform at our highest level (ELITE) with no monthly or annual subscriptions! After December 1st, ELITE Lifetime will no longer be available and goes away completely as a payment option - forever. In the future, ELITE access will be on a monthly recurring subscription basis starting at $299/month.

Can I get a credit for what I've paid already?

You bet! We can always credit up to the last 60 days of payments towards your upgrade. For example, if you have been at the PRO or ELITE level for 3 months we would credit 2 months (60 days) of your payments towards your new ELITE Lifetime plan. We believe this to be a more than fair and reasonable policy which many people have enjoyed upon upgrading. As always, if you have specific questions, just contact us and we'll take a look at your account and help make sure you are getting the appropriate credit.

Any future trading tools on the roadmap?

We think that the autotrading platform is a fairly big deal, but yes, we've also got some other wicked awesome software tools on our roadmap for possible development. Our team has been working on developing new portfolio tracking software and an industry-first forecasting software. Again, all of these additional software applications are included in your ELITE Lifetime plan.

I've got more questions - who can I talk to?

This is a big investment and asking questions always welcomed. Please contact us via the support page here. We'll always get back to you in a timely manner to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

Anything NOT included in Lifetime?

Naturally, the only things not included are items outside the scope of the ELITE level and/or items we do not have control over. First, any future live events or in-person workshops are not included. Second, any future enterprise or institutional plans that may be developed would not be included as we currently only support non-professional investors and traders. Third, any future "power-user" features like higher frequency trading scans, 3rd party data streams, etc. are not included. Finally, any future third-party integrations for data streams or custom data integrations are not included. For example, if you choose to integrate with a custom data provider for your bots and they charge you a fee to access their data, we of course cannot control or cover this cost for you since it's outside our platform.

Where are the details on the new platform?

Everything you need to know about the new Option Alpha trading platform is available at We've dedicated this Beta site to highlighting our industry-first autotrading technology. Inside we demo the new software and explain all amazing things it can do to help you. We encourage you to review the site and the FAQ at the bottom. Got more questions? No problem, just reach out to us.

Is there a money back guarantee?

The ELITE Lifetime plan is a major commitment and we understand that. It's also a major commitment on our part because ELITE Lifetime gives you access immediately to proprietary research, software, and coaching archives that otherwise are sold individually. As such, we do not offer refunds for the Lifetime plan. We recommend that if you want to try any of our software or services to sign up for them individually or on a monthly basis before upgrading to lifetime. We can always credit up to the last 60 days payments towards your upgrade so you never over pay.

Do you offer payment plans?

ELITE Lifetime is an incredible value and saves you a lot of money over paying monthly for access at a higher price. We can offer this special promotion because of your commitment in pre-paying for ELITE Lifetime upfront. Since we unlock access to all our software and research as soon as you upgrade, the best we can offer is to break up the ELITE Lifetime plan into 2 equal payments. You can upgrade under the payment plan by clicking here. Please be aware that if you choose the payment plan you are obligated to make both payments.

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