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Option Alpha Lifetime Membership

$1,997 (ONE-TIME)
  • Everything you get at the ELITE Level including; email & SMS text trading alerts, detailed video review each night, current portfolio access, member's only forum, plus...
  • LIFETIME Access meaning you'll never have to pay again in the future (ever) as long as the service is available.
  • Weekly live strategy calls covering our outlook and trades coming up.
  • Bi-monthly live Q&A calls with Kirk to get all your questions answered.
  • Unlimited access to The "Trader's Toolbox" including our Watch List, Earnings Calendar, Options Backtesting & Trade Optimization Software.
  • All our current and ANY future research reports including The "Signals" technical analysis backtesting report, The "Profit Matrix" options backtesting report, and up-coming research reports on Volatility Trading, Earnings Trades, and Trade Adjustments.
  • HD recordings of all past events so you can go back and review everything if you missed it.
  • Priority support and help before anyone else.
  • NO hidden fees of any kind. You're in for as long as the service is available.

"I am not a novice trader. Quite the opposite. I worked for Goldman and Morgan Stanley, taught options at Hofstra university some years back and retired now. I followed some of your videos and trading techniques and they are the same as mine. As I don't have time to do all the analysis I would just as easily follow yours probably with a little of my own twist here and there. You can save me a lot of time and I think we can all make some money even though this is more of a hobby for me now. I think you do a great job."

- Tony Dali (Boston)

"I worked at TDAMTD Institutional for 12 years and our current firm manages $2B AUM. I've been trying to expand our portfolio with options, due to the current market situation and only a select few know how options really work. I have traded all products with over 15 years experience (futures, forex, options, stocks) so I know a great site when I see it. I'm so happy I found your site and look forward to seeing your site grow leaps and bounds. I should know, as I have bought countless programs and reviewed many as well."

- John Kappus (NW Ohio)

What's included in the Lifetime membership?

Your new Lifetime membership is at the ELITE membership level and includes all our current (and any future) software, research and training. This means you'll get access to our watch list software, backtesting software, SIGNALS technical analysis research and Profit Matrix options backtesting research report. Plus, if we ever release new software tools or research you'll get that as well - basically you won't pay anything ever again.

Can I get a credit for what I've paid already?

Yes, we can always credit up to the last 60 days payments towards your upgrade so you never over pay. For example, if you have been a PRO or ELITE member for 3 months we would credit 2 months (60 days) of your payments towards your lifetime membership. This is a fair and reasonable approach which many members have enjoyed upon upgrading. As always, if you have specific questions, just contact us and we'll take a look at your account and help make sure you are getting the appropriate credit.

Anything NOT included in Lifetime?

Naturally the only things not included are items that we cannot give away forever and/or do not have control over. First, one on one coaching time with Kirk is not included. Second, any future live events or in-person workshops are not included. Finally, any future third-party integrations on the new automated trading platform are not included. For example, if you choose to integrate with a custom data provider for your bots and they charge you a fee to access their data, we of course cannot control or cover this cost for you since it's outside our platform.

Do you have a payment plan?

Since we unlock access to a ton of features and software as soon as you upgrade, the best we can offer is to break up the Lifetime cost into 2 payments. You can upgrade under the payment plan by clicking here. Please be aware that if you choose the payment plan you are obligated to make both payments.

Any special savings available?

Yes! Right now we are offering lifetime membership at the best value possible. Once we release our more trading platform and automated bot software in the coming months, the option to choose lifetime membership will be removed and will no longer be offered. Anyone who upgrades now will of course be grandfathered in.

Is there a money back guarantee on lifetime?

This level of membership is a major commitment and we understand that. It's also a major commitment on our part because lifetime membership gives you access immediately to proprietary research, software, and coaching recording archives that otherwise would cost more if purchased individually. As such, we do not offer refunds on lifetime membership as we cannot get these items back once accessed and downloaded. We recommend that if you want to try any of our software or services to sign up for them individually or on a monthly basis before upgrading to lifetime. We can always credit up to the last 60 days payments towards your upgrade so you never over pay.

What new tools or research is scheduled?

We've got a ton of new stuff in the works for release in the coming months. We plan on releasing new backtesting research reports including a Covered Calls report, Volatility Trading report, Earnings Trade report, and various Trade Adjustments reports. Plus, we've been developing and working on new Portfolio Tracking software that'll come out in the future. Again all of these are included in your Lifetime membership.

I've got more questions - who can I talk to?

This is a big investment and asking questions is of course welcomed. Please contact us via the support page here. We'll get back to you ASAP.

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