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How to Avoid “Black Swan” Events

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Options Strategies We Don’t Adjust (And Why)

Big Picture Options Trading Adjustment Strategy

Knowing When to Adjust an Options Trade or NOT

Complete Guide to Adjusting Straddles & Strangles

Complete Guide to Adjusting Credit Spreads, Iron Condors & Calendars

Applying Smarter Stop Loss Orders

Building a Diversified Options Portfolio

Rolling Options Trades for Duration & Premium

Options Expiration Week Position Checklist & Guide

Dealing With Stock Assignment & Dividends

How to Free Up Trading Margin & Cash

Running a Professional Options Trading Business

Beginner Course

Introduction to Beginner Course

What Is An Options Contract?

Stock Trading vs. Options Trading

Options Contract Specifics

Call vs. Put Options Basics

Buying Options vs. Selling Options

Option Profit & Loss Diagrams

Reading an Options Pricing Table

Option Moneyness (ITM, OTM & ATM)

Options Pricing & The “Greeks”

Options Expiration & Assignment

What’s Our “Edge” Trading Options?

Single vs. Multi-Leg Options Strategies

Technical Analysis Indicators & SIGNALS

Small Account Options Strategies

How to Generate Consistent Income Trading Options

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Introduction to Intermediate Course

Fearless, Confident Options Trading

Historical Volatility vs. Implied Volatility

Targeting Your Portfolio Returns

Predicting The Market’s Next Move

Trade Size & Capital Reserves

Portfolio Balance & Beta-Weighting

Scanning for the Best Stocks & Trading Setups

How to Choose the Best Options Strategy

How Far Out Should I Place Trades?

Strike Price Anchoring with Probabilities

Correctly Pricing Your Options Strategies

Tips On Getting Your Trades Filled

How to Use Advanced & Contingent Orders

7 Step Option Trade Entry Checklist

Live Options Trading

IWM Iron Butterfly (Closing Trade)

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EWZ Iron Butterfly (Closing Trade)

DIA Iron Condor (Adjusting Trade)

AAPL Call Calendar (Opening Trade)

XHB Straddle (Closing Trade)

COP Short Put (Closing Trade)

AAPL Call Calendar (Closing Trade)

COF Strangle (Adjusting Trade)

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Options Basics

Why Options vs. Stocks?

What Is An Option Contract?

 Smart Use Of Leverage

Option Strike Price

Option Premiums

Option Expiration

Option Contract Multiplier

Profit and Loss Diagrams

Long Call Option Explained

Short Call Option Explained

Long Put Option Explained

Short Put Option Explained

ATM, ITM, and OTM Options

Cash vs. Margin Basics

High Probability Trading Defined

How To Buy A Call Option

How To Buy A Put Option

Single-Leg vs Multi-Leg

What is the VIX?

Is Fundamental Analysis Dead?

Entries & Exits

Game of Numbers

Allocation Per Trade

7 Step Entry Checklist

Strong Liquidity Examples

Picking The Next Direction

Back-Testing Technical Analysis Signals

Scanning For Trades

Strategy Selection Process

Option Pricing Table Basics

Setting Up Your Trade Tab

Pinning Your Probability of Profit

Using Delta For Probabilities

Buy To Open Vs Sell To Open

Buy To Close Vs Sell To Close

Market, Limit, Stop Loss Orders

5 Types of Contingent Orders

Limit Orders

Market Orders

Limit On Close Orders

Market On Close Orders

Advanced Contingent Orders

Taking Profits Before Expiration

Mechanics Of Rolling

Consider Future Events

Bullish Strategies

Bull Call Backspread

Bull Call Spread

Bull Put Spread

Call Calendar Spread

Covered Call

Custom Naked Put

Debit Spread or Credit Spread?

Long Call

Put Broken Wing Butterfly

Put Diagonal Spread

Short Put

Synthetic Long Stock

Bearish Strategies

Bear Call Spread

Bear Put Spread

Long Put

Short Call

Bear Put Backspread

Call Broken Wing Butterfly

Put Calendar Spread

Call Diagonal Spread

Custom Naked Call

Covered Put

Synthetic Short Stock

Debit Spread or Credit Spread?

Neutral Strategies

Iron Butterfly

Iron Condors

Long Straddle

Long Strangle

Short Straddle

Short Strangle

Unbalanced Iron Condors

Earnings Trades

Earnings IV Crush

How Many Earnings Trades

Earnings Announcement Calendar

What’s The Expected Move?

When To Place Trades

Earnings Option Strategies

Liquidity & Pricing Requirements

Buying Ahead Of Earnings Expansion?

When To Exit Earnings Trades

Earnings Adjustments

Portfolio Management

No Guaranteed Trades

Don’t Do Something, Sit There

Account Size Adjustments

Avoiding Stock Market Overload

Stocks, Indexes & ETFs

Monitoring Positions

Creating Automatic Alerts

Individual Stock Beta

Portfolio Beta

Beta Weighting Your Portfolio

Uncorrelated Industries/Sectors

Systematic vs. Unsystematic Risk

Efficient Portfolio Frontier

Limiting Undefined Risk Trades

Economic Calendar

Concept Of Legging

Trade Adjustments

#1 Adjustment For Any Trade

When To Adjust A Trade?

Leveraging the “Analyze” Tab

Single Options Trade vs. Overall Portfolio?

Call Spread Adjustments

Put Spread Adjustments

Strangle Adjustments

Iron Condor Adjustments

Straddle Adjustments

Calendar Adjustments

Debit Spread Adjustments

Butterfly Adjustments

Using Stop Losses

Delta Hedging

Rolling Positions

Pairs Hedging

Options Expiration

American vs. European Style Options

Expiration Calendar Video

Option “Mini” Contracts

Options Assignment Process

Options Exercise Process

Options Expiration Explained

Physical vs Cash Settlement Options

Trading Timeline (Duration)

Weekly Expiration Tags/Codes

Weekly Options Expiration

What is the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC)?

Pricing & Volatility

How To Find Option Price Quotes

Understanding The Math

IV vs. IV Percentile

Probability of Profit vs. Probability of Touch

Option Probability Curve

Bid-Ask Spread Defined

IV Expected vs. Actual Move

The “Greeks”

Fatal Pricing Errors

Inverse ETFs


Options Parity

Case Studies

10 Biggest Options Trading Mistakes

Risk-Free DIA Iron Condor

XLU Stock & Dividend Assignment

ORCL Put Debit Spread

81% With SPY Short Strangle

GILD Iron Condor

CMG Calendar

Entering An FXE Skewed Iron Condor

IWM Iron Butterfly Adjustment

Warren Buffett The Options Trader?

WMT & UNP Calendars

How Bad Are We At Picking Direction?

IWM Iron Condor

AMZN Risk-Free Butterfly

BIDU Put Calendar Spread Adjustment

SLV Call Debit Spread

NKE Earnings Trade

3 Spread Entry Examples

MSFT Skewed Iron Condor

GS & LMT Iron Condors

F Covered Call

6 Trades At Expiration

WFC Exercised Call

Trading w/ Mobile Apps

HLF Skewed Iron Condor

IWM Custom Naked Put

COH & HAL Earnings Trades

EWZ Iron Condor

VXX Ratio Spread

Professional Trading

Why Does It Have To Be Complicated?

Long-Term Consistency

The Importance of Liquidity

More “Robot-Like” Trading

Number of Trades You Need To Make

Calculating Expected Portfolio Return

Diversify Across Options Strategies

Optimal Probability Level

The Cost of Slippage

Paying Yourself A Small Salary

Maximum Capital Usage

Reducing Margin Requirements

Cutting Your Commissions

Paper vs. Real Money Trading

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