How to Add Multiple Profit-Taking Bot Buttons

Add these simple buttons to your bot and immediately exit positions that meet your profit targets.
Kirk Du Plessis
Mar 25, 2021

This video explains how to add buttons to any bot. Specifically, the video describes how to create a button that will immediately close positions at a defined profit target.

Bot buttons enable you to instantly run an automation when clicked and gives you the flexibility to run certain automations immediately instead of waiting for the next interval. 

In this example, multiple buttons are created to check positions inside the bot for different profit-taking levels. The buttons create a hybrid of manual and automated trading, so you have complete control of your positions at all times.   

When using bot buttons, you can use existing automations, or you can create a new automation. Here, an automation is created for a button that seeks to exit short put spreads at a 25% profit. The automation will quickly check all the bot’s positions to see if the premium has decreased by 25% or more and immediately closes the position if it has. If not, the position remains open and will still be managed by any other monitor automations active in the bot.

Multiple buttons can be added to any bot using any criteria you want. For example, another button could be created looking for 50% profits. The original automation can easily be copied and modified for the new button.

Buttons are a great tool that you can add to your bot dashboard, and there are many different creative ways to utilize them in your portfolio. This video explores a unique way to manually check for predetermined profit targets, run the automation with a single click of a button, and exit one or more positions simultaneously.

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