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Looking for the rare breed of a service provider who under-promises and over-delivers? Well, you've found it here with Kirk and team. Actually, I need to amend that. Option Alpha promises big things and then delivers."

~ Bruce Benton, Dallas (Member Since June 2015)

Special 45-Minute Webinar

How to Find Great Option Trades: 5 Things You Should Be Looking For Each Day + Setups to Avoid

Do you need help finding great option trades? Well, then this webinar is for you because during our special 45-min session I'll show you how to consistently find great options trades and how one tool can help cut your scanning time by 90%. Plus, we'll also cover:

  • My personal philosophy on finding the "Low Hanging Fruit" options trades.
  • The 5 specific things you should be looking for when scanning for options trades.
  • A quick, simple daily trading routine you can implement right now before you burn out.
  • The 2 specific stock setups that you need to avoid like the plague (revealed during webinar).
  • BONUS: How to cut your stock & options scanning time in by 90% with one tool.

Options trading on the professional level is all about consistency and reliability. And once you understand that it's nothing more than a game of numbers, you'll finally have the confidence to start making higher probability trades that generate predictable income each month.

See you there!

Kirk Du Plessis

Founder & Head Trader

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