My Name is Kirk Du Plessis & I'm The Guy Behind Everything at Option Alpha

Hey there trader!

I don't know about you but I've always found it hard to write about myself and thus this "About" page was a bit challenging. But I am truly thrilled that you found your way to our community here at Option Alpha.

My hope is that it's just what you were looking for. . .

Alright so let's rewind time. My general background, if you're really interested, is that I used to work in NYC in investment banking with the Mergers & Acquisitions Group for Deutsche Bank, a German-Based Company. After marrying my beautiful wife, I moved to Washington DC (where I originally grew up) and took a job as a Research Analyst covering REITs at BB&T Capital Markets. Eventually, I left the investment side to run a family Mortgage Lending business.

In August of 2007 I started this website and blog (though it did operate for a while under the name “Option Writer” and was later changed to “Option Alpha”). At the time I was just sharing some of my thoughts on what I was trading; strategies, stocks, positions, etc. Honestly I think the first month after launching this website I had maybe 5 or 7 readers total.

Slowly over time, not overnight as many would lead to believe in this over-hyped online industry, I started growing a loyal following of readers. Eventually long-time readers started asking questions and requesting more training and research from me. Of course I too was on my own personal journey to find success trading so why not publish everything I learned along the way (good, bad, whatever)?

Fast forward 8 years and I've written more than 1,700 blog posts, recorded 750+ video tutorials and recently launched a new weekly podcast which was rated the #1 "New & Noteworthy" investing show in iTunes (hence you should listen to right now). We now help educate and coach option traders on all levels; from people just starting out to advanced traders with multi-million dollar portfolios and everyone in between.

From the early days of just 5 readers, Option Alpha has grown to more than 60,000+ email subscribers, free members, followers and readers combined. Each month more than 30,000 people check out our blog alone! Lots of work for just a 1 man shop right? I can't even believe it myself.

Yet all along, the mission and goal from the beginning launching Option Alpha was to help other new traders learn how the markets worked the right way. I believe that there is a huge lack of financial literacy and a gap that I personally aim to close by delivering the best possible content in multiple formats for you to consume: blog posts, video tutorials, webinars, podcasts, case studies, etc.

This also includes the so-called "experienced traders" out there who think they know everything (which they don't). Because if I've learned 1 thing being in this business for so long is that neither your nor I have a clue where the markets will be tomorrow or next year. So why keep trying to guess and predict?

For far too long you've heard so much garbage about trading more or less, bigger or smaller, faster or slower, this or that. None of this helps you if you can't first learn how the options market really works right? And I think what makes our education platform and training so great is that we are not afraid to try new strategies, and if they work, implement them immediately.

In the process, I have personally come a long way both as an investor/trader and business owner. I continue to hear stories of members who finally had the "ah-ha" moment when it all seemed to fall into place and that’s why I’m so passionate about providing you with the most valuable training anywhere else.

And it's this extremely loyal reader base (thank you!) that still keeps me going every morning because I freaking love finance, the markets, options, investments - all of it. My wife thinks I'm a financial junkie (which I admittedly am and know you are too because you wouldn't be here if you weren't) because the only books I read are finance related. Family members have tried to buy me other books but they sit on the shelf and collect dust.

Now, with options trading I proudly tell everyone that my strategy and trading philosophy has evolved over many years - as it should. The market is changing every month and as a result I’m finding better and better ways to make money with options. The more I learn and the more "focused" my skills become, the more I realize I still have a long way to go.

The real story is that I’m not a stock swing trader or penny stock picker whatever those people do. I'm obsessed with continuously figuring out how the markets work and if there is a more effective or efficient process for making money with less risk. I know without a doubt that options trading is the key to your ability to "beat the markets" year after year with less risk.

I focus all of my attention on trading options, as non-directional as I can to generate long-term income for my portfolio. I realize that to be successful it requires you to be both "consistent" and "persistent". Consistently trading the right strategies and the persistence to do so when trades don't go your way. This is the formula for success in my book.

I've been very profitable (some better years better than others of course) and continue to generate a full-time income with my trading. I do not consider this blind luck or coincidence. I believe that this business is just a numbers game - once you learn how it works, focus on the strategies that win long-term.

My mission is again to help you make smarter, more profitable trades. So, during your journey, please let me know if I can be of any help.


Kirk Du Plessis - Founder, Head Trader

PS - Though a long time resident of Virginia, my beautiful and supportive wife and our new baby girl live in small town in Pennsylvania. My two girls and our little family is the "why" behind everything I do here.

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