Show 032: How to Set Financial Goals – The Top 10 Mistakes People Make Constantly


I completely underestimated the power of how to set financial goals until about a year and a half ago. Since then I’ve changed the way I look at and set goals in all areas of my life (not just financially) and it’s made a huge difference. In today’s podcast, I want to really take the…

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Show 031 : What Michael Jordan Can Teach Us About Options Trading


You know the name, and the legacy. But what you don’t know about Michael Jordan and his impressive career might actually help you become a more successful options trader. I know what you’re thinking already. Kirk, how on earth does basketball relate to trading options? You see on the outside they don’t but once you…

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Show 030 : The Zero Cost Way To Protect Stock Gains With Options

how to protect stock gains with options

You’ve got a stock position that you want to protect (or shield) from any impending market sell-off or crash. But buying protection or insurance typically costs money right? And in nearly all cases you’ve been told to buy put options that are far OTM. The only problem is that these options tend to expire worthless…

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Show 029 : Top 3 Excuses That Cripple The Average Investor Returns When Trading Options


It’s no secret that the long-term average investor returns are pretty low. In most cases, the little guy rarely beats the market and for good reason. Frankly we are horrible stock pickers though we consistently try to find hidden value in playing directionally. Long-term this always underperforms an efficient market and the market standard portfolio…

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Show 028 : 10 Great Option Trades Under $100 You Can Make Right Now


Finding great option trades can be tough sometimes, and I get that. That’s why in today’s podcast I’ll show you 10 detailed trades all under $100 of risk each that you can make right now. Plus, we mixed it up with a little bit of everything; bullish & bearish strategies, high & low volatility trades,…

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