The Art Of Learning Any New Investment Strategy, Concept Or System

How To Learn Anything

6 months after having our baby girl my wife is running her first half-marathon. It’s been a long time goal of hers and what better way to get back in shape after a baby than train for a half-marathon. Like she needed it anyway, she’s way more athletic than I am and played collegiate volleyball.…

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Why You Are Afraid Of The Truth When It Comes To Account Size

Investment Account Size

You’ve heard the saying “biting off more than you can chew” right? The truth is that most investors and traders are puppies when it comes to their account size. Every little puppy wants the biggest bone he/she can find. In this analogy the bone is your account. The bigger your account size and the more…

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How I Made $3,483 Trading Options On Just This 1 Stock Last Year (Account Proof Shown)

Trading Options

Thankfully for you I’m not going to make you read through this whole post to find out what stock I traded; it was TSLA. But that still doesn’t answer your real question does it? And as much as I truly don’t want this to be some hyped pitch about “make money trading” etc. I think…

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Why You Should Never Look At Another Stock Chart Ever Again (Yet Still Trade Profitably)

Never Look At A Stock Chart Again

Stock charts confuse people. Come on now. . . how good are you at “reading” the charts? I sure as hell am not good at it and I’ve been trading actively for over 7 years now. Yet we say to ourselves, “If I could only read the charts better and predict the next move I’d…

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How To Develop Synthetic Option Strategies In Your IRA Or Retirement Account

Synthetic Options

Options trading is super easy in a regular account. But it’s a who different laboratory when you have a retirement account. Getting creative with your positions can help boost your long-term portfolio profits. One way to do that is by trading synthetic options strategies. Today I want to cover 1 way you can develop a…

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3 Option Strategies To Use During Low Volatility Markets

3 Option Strategies

Low volatility trading is tough for option sellers like us. When markets are calm premiums are small and narrow – meaning that we cannot sell options far from the current stock price. So what’s a trader to do!? Staying active, and keeping position size small, is important but you don’t want to force trades into…

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What My Newborn Baby Taught Me About Investing Success


This weekend my baby girl will be 2 months old! And yes the time if flying. . . Every day is an adventure full of learning how to raise a child. Just like starting out in the world of investing you can read all about it in books and get advice from those close to…

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How To Use Simulated Trades To Make Better Adjustments To Your Option Position

Trade Adjustments

If you’ve traded for any amount of time you know that adjusting a current option position is a necessary evil whether you need to save profits or reduce risk. At some point, you’ll have a position that needs adjusting.¬†When it comes to making that adjustment, sometimes I like to use simulated trades to plan my…

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Make The Most Of Your Money (And Time) During Low Volatility Markets

0408 penny 1 dcg 3909

In times like this, where volatility is extremely low, great trades can be far and few between. As option sellers we like to sell premium when volatility is high. When markets are calm it’s hard to sit on your hands and wait for good trades to come around. We start thinking “creatively” about new ways…

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How I Negotiated A 17% Savings In Trading Commissions By Asking This 1 Question

Each year around the same time I contact my broker to negotiate the commission rate I pay per option contract. I’ve done this consistently for the past 5 years and each time I successfully get reduced option trading commissions. Before I show you how to go about it you have to understand that you probably…

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