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As a new trader (less than one year) I have reviewed countless videos and subscribed to a handful of services. These proved to be expensive lessons indeed. I recently became aware of Kirk and Option/Alpha and finally have the confidence to continue trading.

Kirk's difference is his ability to not only tell you what he is trading, but why he is making a trade (in a very visual manner). I recommend all traders to check out Option/Alpha. Makes all the difference in the world.

I come from the world of finance already and for me Option Alpha was like switching from PC to Mac: a much smoother experience and a huge change in learning experience with complete training under-the-hood.

And the strange paradox for me is, that you can actually spend less time with options than I ever thought. It just doesn't require your attention all day which is nice.



I’m still working my way through the learning process and it’s nice to know there are real people like Kirk who care and are more than happy to walk me through any questions. He even stepped in at one point to help make sure I placing a new trade alert correctly.

I’ve already been telling friends about the service and look forward to seeing the Option Alpha flourish.

It’s literally plug and play training. I just wish I could get all those wasted hours back trying to do this stuff myself.



Last night's webinar was very helpful. Lots of answers to helping solidify my trading rules. Would enjoy a webinar on exit strategy or rolling position. Thanks for sharing.

Option Alpha has done something very powerful for me; quieted and focused my investing. Before Option Alpha I was all over the place with ideas about how trading worked. Through Option Alpha’s education and training videos, I have a clear vision of what success looks like and specifically what I need to do to be successful.



Thanks Kirk for the webinars! Great great stuff!

I love options trading and you are a great teacher of it. Your explanations are to the point and very easy to understand and I've learned a lot from the three I've taken (TA, Adv Coaching and Trade adjustments), your webinars helped to tie in all the books, seminars, and mentoring I've taken in the last three years since joining this journey to learn options trading.

Next step: take a mentoring program with you! I've become a better options trader through understanding and practice since following Option Alpha and the content from the membership. Thanks again!

Just attended the webinar training for members and wanted to thank you for the clear explanations offered. I am a fairly new trader and have come to understand that anyone can make a trade - the challenge is to manage it. This had clearly addressed this topic. Thanks!



Group session was awesome last night - thanks again for all the time you put into the classes. Sine working together over the last 3 months - it is as if the lights just flipped on and I can now see the world for the first time.

After your guidance on managing losers - I need to find more of them so I can put all of your coaching to work! Who would have ever thought I would have said that Overall very happy with my progress - now I need to advance my other strategies. Thanks again for all you do!

Kirk, I have participated in many seminars and webinars on investing. In fact, I just heard a certain eminent guru of options explain options adjustments during videos on his website.

You bring greater clarity and no-nonsense precision to this complex subject of salvaging trades than anyone I have ever encountered. Your revelations are priceless to those seeking skills that will allow them to trade with confidence.

Thank you so very much for your invaluable insights. May you receive many blessings for the generosity of what you share.



I'm a retiree with a background in engineering, information technology and business. I decided to learn about options trading about three years ago in order to have something interesting to do with my time and to augment my retirement income.

I've read several books on the subject; I've taken all of the online courses offered by TD Ameritrade; I subscribed to Investools and took all of their classes; and I've subscribed to several options trading web sites. So far I've lost over $100,000.

As a final attempt to make options trading work for me, I subscribed to Option Alpha a few weeks ago. So far I've learned that my trades have been way too large and I had no clue about how to make trade adjustments in order to minimize losses. I really the trade adjustment tutorials and I think getting proficient in this area might get me over the hump. Glad I found you all.

Hey Option Alpha, loved your article on the psycho traits of profitable traders. Fascinating stuff - keep up the good work!



What I love most about Option Alpha is the simple video tutorials of literally every element I need to efficiently trade with my day job. To be honest I'm completely new at this and as a women it's a little intimidating. But Kirk so easily explains everything that I no longer am struggling with multiple issues when placing trades – and the days of worrying about the losing all my money are gone. Option Alpha is the total package, and I can’t imagine where I'd be right now without it.

Dude I gotta tell ya man this is pretty cool! I'm gonna send the link to my buddy who's just starting out in the stock market! Videos are wicked good buddy :)

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I just downloaded this awesome option strategy guide. A little too simple as far as design but man is it powerful conceptually. Thanks guys.

My name is Miles (32 yr old construction foreman) and I started trading options about 6 months ago. I am very committed to learning options in order to change my lifestyle, one step at a time. My initial goal was to make enough for a car payment but I have elevated that goal to earn enough for my fiancé to stay home with the future kids.

I started my learning with some "YouTube" videos and got the basics down. I tried multiple sources for learning and I really appreciate the basic and clean way Kirk from Option Alpha approaches the explanations. Other sites/sources assume you know the majority of the concepts and move at an elevated pace and as a beginner, this only confused me.

I have started trading and learned that the market does not always go your way. I joined Option Alpha's online membership and found it to be extremely helpful. The pace and training allows me to ask specific questions. My main take-away from everything so far was demonstrated with a real trade accompanied with the logical explanation of how we got to that point, and how to defend the position. This knowledge will stay with me throughout my trading "career" and will most surely pay for itself time and time again.



Loving my membership to Option Alpha because it allows me to focus just on placing trades, not a ton of research. I can working my day job, sitting in my office and make a few trades all without having to do a bunch of reading online.

Great JCP trade! Thanks for the alert!!! I've also did the same spread for Apr14, by mistake, but it worked out profitable anyway (+0.45 Apr)!



Great training Kirk. You are able to make these trading techniques and adjustments seem so basic and as commented, for some reason this type of education is not easy to find. I am in healthcare and have been spending about 2-6 hours a day for the last 1.5 years studying option trading.

It was a relief to find a education platform that was simple to understand and traded right there with you. I just went live about 8 months ago and my small account has seen about 50% growth using your techniques. I am working in Thailand currently and I enjoy trading in the evenings waiting on your alerts.

Enjoy the coaching sessions. Have been to some other webinars given by other presenters, but your presentations are quite clear. I have been to several of your training sessions, and am an active member. I have been trading in general for years, but have been trading options since December 2013.

I'm a student of the game and am always looking for an angle to improve. I get to (hopefully) retire from the teaching profession in 7 years, so I am looking for a way to produce an extra income stream during retirement. So I'm starting to hone my skills to that I can place options trades with confidence. I appreciate what you do and keep up the good work.



I got tired of fumbling around with the technical side of trading. I found myself spending more time ‘tweaking’ things than actually making option trades.

After watching to the video tutorials in the strategy section I don't worry as much before making a trade as I used to. The risk is taken care of with a small position, yet it still gives me enough flexibility to turn a nice profit.

Kirk taught me exactly what he said he would!

Hey Kirk doing fine, up $1220 so far this week with the last 16 trades. Amazing thanks!!!



Cannot thank Option Alpha enough for the option tutorial videos they put out. Helps me understand options plays a lot more and as they say helps me become a lot "smarter" trader out there.

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