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If you want someone to break it down for you step-by-step, and show you how to make smarter trades, then this program is for you.

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More Than 70% Of Traders Lose Money In Their Very 1st Year – But You Can Avoid That.

Yep it’s not your fault. The problem is you haven’t been given the right tools, in the right place, to make smart decisions – fast.

  • PAIN: Tedious and time consuming fundamental analysis trying to figure out if we’ve hit top or bottom and which way the market will move next.
  • PAIN: Reading manipulative analyst upgrades/downgrades reports just to attempt day trading or stock picking for small gains.
  • PAIN: Assuming that mutual funds are profitable long-term and worrying about how to trade/invest in fast-paced moving markets.
  • PAIN: Trying to invest on gut feelings and emotions about a stock while avoiding a system that focuses on targeted high probability trades.
  • ANSWER: Nobody can correctly pick market tops and bottoms! But you already knew that didn’t you? With our system you can learn how you earn income consistently with options in any market; bull, bear, sideways.
  • ANSWER: The truth is that everything you need to trade options successfully is already priced into the charts. We’ll show you how to filter out all the useless media hype, news and craziness.
  • ANSWER: Financial markets are getting faster and more efficient every day. Contrary to what you might have heard that’s great news! Highly liquid and volatile markets finally levels the playing field for the small retail trader like you.
  • ANSWER: Emotional investing on hunches and gut feelings is dangerous for your portfolio. High probability options trading forces you to make smarter decisions based on real facts so you can make winning trades more often.

Option Alpha Shows You How To Make Smarter Trades So You Can Earn More Money.

Say goodbye to unorganized, blind investing and hello to a fresh approach on high probability trading to help you win consistently.

Clean, Powerful Live Charts

Everything you need to analyze the market is from one single page at Option Alpha. Stream live stock quotes and use all the sweet drawing tools at the same time.

Plus you’ll have complete access to technical indicators that are already set up for you correctly so you don't waste time trying to learn on your own broker's platform.

Trading Alerts (Email & Text)

Our trading alerts are the best way to learn by following our real trades (both good and bad).

The newly integrated SMS text alerts let you take Option Alpha on the go with you via any mobile device so you can follow along.

Don't want text alerts? No problem! Trading alerts are also sent via email and posted inside the platform.

80+ Hours Of Video Tutorials

Ready for step-by-step guidance on everything from setting up your charts to adjusting trades? Well we've got you covered and each video section is clearly laid out so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Plus, we are constantly adding and updating our database of training videos to include new topics that members like you are asking for. When you need to know something we'll make sure it gets covered.

Daily Review Of Every Trade

Each day after the market closes we'll publish an in-depth video review of any opening or closing trades just for members.

By pulling back the curtain and showing you exactly why we made trades and how we picked stocks, expiration months and strike prices you'll accelerate your learning curve.

Just The Right Set Of Tools

We know that trading tools are meant to help - not confuse. That’s why we cut nearly everything out of a traditional platform and only offer a specific set of powerful resources that give you everything you need to start trading.

It’s important that you have everything at your fingertips. But it's even more important that you have the right set of tools instead of a bunch of junk that you'll never use.

Huge Community Of Traders

Every day new people are joining up and connecting with other like-minded option traders. As a member you'll have access to this thriving community to get ideas and feedback from.

Imagine having access to hundreds of other traders will different experience levels to help you and learn from.

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We’ve Been Featured In Some Of The Biggest And Best Financial Publications Out There.

Our training is so good that last year our founder Kirk was selected as a key contributor to Barron’s Annual Brokerage Review.

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Greg shares what he likes most about the daily video updates and alerts.

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Why he’s been a member for over a year now and what his future plans are.

Here’s Our Complete Options Training Course And Exactly What You’ll Learn.

Plus some pretty awesome bonus content that you can keep for free even if you decide Option Alpha isn’t right for you.

Module 1: Options Basics

  • Helps build the foundation of your options trading education with solid fundamentals.
  • Discover what option premiums are and the difference between sellers and buyers.
  • Mastering which option contracts include stock share multipliers.
  • Understanding the basics of how the options expiration process works.
  • Learn how to properly use an option profit/loss diagram for any strategy you analyze.
  • Why the 14 stages of investor emotions could change how you trade each day.
  • What strike prices are and where to find them inside your broker’s platform.

Module 2: Bullish Strategies

  • How to profit from huge moves in volatility with bull call ratio spreads.
  • The only way to correctly profit from IV declines with bull put credit spread.
  • Why bull call debit spreads should always be small directional investments.
  • Discover why long single call options are aggressive trades you should avoid.
  • The real story behind short naked puts for income generation and premium decay.

Module 3: Neutral Strategies

  • Learn how to profit from stocks moving in any direction (up, down, sideways).
  • Making low volatility plays in either direction with long straddles.
  • Top ways to enter short straddles for narrow range but high IV stocks.
  • Why you should avoid using long strangles regardless of the setup.
  • How trading wide short strangles around earnings leads to quick profits.
  • Adding high probability, risk defined iron condors to any stock position.

Module 4: Bearish Strategies

  • Show you how to finally set yourself up to make money in down markets.
  • How bear put debit spreads can offer quick protection for your portfolio.
  • Save money by avoiding this one completely “overused” bearish strategy.
  • Learn how short naked calls are actually not unlimited risk trades after-all.
  • Simply income generation sell OTM bear call credit spreads on stocks.
  • The super aggressive back-spread that protects against “Black Swan” events.

Module 5: Expiration & Assignment

  • My “done-for-you” guide to completely understanding the expiration process.
  • What is the Options Clearing Corp (OCC) and what’s their role in the markets?
  • The simple difference between physical and cash settled option contracts.
  • How to go through the assignment process without wetting your pants.
  • Why understanding american vs. european style options could save a trade.
  • The 4 different expiration dates you should have marked on your calendar.
  • Our 1-off expiration calendar that tracks a complete year’s worth of important dates.

Module 6: Options Pricing

  • Easy tricks to finding stock and option quotes that are really accurate.
  • Using the bid/ask spread to determine how liquidity in the underlying options.
  • Complete breakdown on the difference between ITM, ATM & OTM strikes.
  • Our top 7 options pricing principles you need to master before you make your next trade.
  • What option parity is and how you can use it to hedge your portfolio.

Module 7: Stock Chart Patterns

  • We’ll cover the top 10 most widely used stock chart patterns.
  • Step-by-step breakdown of how the patterns form and when they breakout.
  • What to look for in strong vs weak breakout signals for order entry/exit.
  • The dramatic results of which 3 patterns perform better than all the others.
  • How each patterns “throwback” rate could help give you a 2nd chance to profit.
  • The truth about which chart reversals have the highest failure rate.

Module 8: Technical Analysis

  • Generate better signals once you know the difference between SMA vs EMA.
  • Become a master Fibonacci trader with a complete 4-part video series.
  • How multiple moving averages and ribbon studies can predict long term trends.
  • Following the simple, yet powerful forces in support and resistance ranges.
  • Why probability and odds analysis is by far the most superior indicator of price.
  • The secret to using multiple indicators before entering or exiting a position.

Module 9: Trade Adjustments

  • Real life, real money examples of how we adjusted losing positions.
  • Learn how you can reduce your loss on a bad trade but up to 90%.
  • The 5 contingent order types that will help you trade and work your day job.
  • Step-by-step guide to buying calls and puts for options beginners.
  • Save thousands of dollars learning the difference between “market” and “limit” orders.
  • The secret to using multiple indicators before entering or exiting a position.
  • Why taking profits before expiration can save a trade from completely reversing.
  • BTC vs. BTO orders & STC vs. STO orders.

Module 10: Portfolio Management

  • Why you don’t need a Masters from MIT to understand portfolio management.
  • The 2 major types of risk you’ll discover once you start trading for a living.
  • Building the “perfect” most “efficient” stock portfolio is easier than you think.
  • How a stock’s correlation with the market could change how quickly you make money.
  • Advanced portfolio beta weighting to the SPX for options traders.
  • Legging into and out of Iron Condors and Credit Spreads for maximum profit.
  • The 1 trade adjustment that could give you a risk-free, no-loss butterfly spread.
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And If That Wasn’t Enough Great Training We’ll Also Give You These Sweet Bonuses – Free.

These high valued bonuses are worth $1,945 if you buy them individually but are yours to keep for free after you upgrade your membership.

6-Part “Fast Track” Series ($79 Value)

  • Video 1: Understanding exactly how our trading alerts work with examples.
  • Video 2: Correctly setting up your charts for options trading success.
  • Video 3: How to search and scan for a list of good stocks to trade.
  • Video 4: Does your next trade pass the options liquidity test?
  • Video 5: Selecting the best option strategy for each market condition.
  • Video 6: Determining the optimal position size & managing risk.

3 Webinar Recordings ($196 Value)

  • #1 – The exact process for mechanically adjusting trades that are going against you to reduce your loss. A huge topic that nobody covered in this industry until now.
  • #2 – Advanced discussion on some of the top technical indicators out there including CCI, RSI, MACD and Stochastics by looking at real charts and stocks with current technicals.
  • #3 – This hour long webinar covered options liquidity (good vs bad liquidity), implied volatility vs. IV rank and finally the ultimate strategy guide.

10+ Advanced Trainings ($297 Value)

  • Mastering the probability curve and a stock’s expected move in the future.
  • Really leveraging the “Analyze” tab for quick, accurate analysis of any trade.
  • The #1 fatal pricing error traders make and our “Coin Flip” case study results.
  • Learn how to still work your day job while trading with contingent orders.
  • Calculating the optimal number of trades you should make each much to be successful.
  • Properly balancing your portfolio with SPX beta weighting techniques.
  • Avoiding the Top 10 failure traps nearly all traders eventually fall into.
  • The “Dead-Simple” checklist we’ll give you before adjusting/hedging any trade.
  • CASE STUDY: Earnings strangle and adjustment on NKE after a huge move lower.
  • Our favorite way to decide when to roll or not roll a strategy to the next month.

Ultimate Strategy Guide ($379 Value)

  • Unlimited access to the absolute last strategy guide you will ever use that’s both powerful and easy to navigate.
  • 3 question interactive page quickly narrows down a list of possible option strategies to used based on the current market conditions and your assumption about the stock’s future direction.
  • Complete “step-by-step” instructions on exactly how to enter each strategy order including which options to buy and which options to sell.

2 Coaching Recordings ($994 Value)

  • The 1st coaching call is with a long time student who continues to find success trading short strangles around earnings season. In this call we reviewed some of his recent trades, new trades we are looking at and the game plan going forward with other strategies to generate consistent income.
  • Our 2nd coaching call is with a brand new student from overseas who came to us looking for help adjusting trades that go against him. During our late evening call we showed him the top 3 principles of adjusting trades and how he could have saved some money by rolling specific options higher/lower near expiration.

Last Year 12,403 People From 37 Different Countries Turned To Option Alpha.

Since 2007 our loyal members have included people like you; business owners, moms and dads, retirees and those with full-time jobs.

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So We Know What You Might Be Thinking. “Could This Really Help Little Old Me?”

We think so and here’s what other traders said about our training and how it cleared up so many unanswered questions to help them succeed.

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You Take Enough Risk Trading The Stock Market Option Alpha Shouldn’t Be One Of Them.

These 8 Core Values Drive Our Relentless Mission To Change The Way You Trade Options.

A refreshing part of who we are and why so many traders trust us starts with these core values to help educate people like you.

  • 1

    Education Comes First.

    You have to crawl before you can walk in this business. Education is the foundation and we believe you should never stop learning – so we’ll always keep teaching.

  • 2

    Great Service Is Guaranteed.

    We don’t control the markets but we do control the relationship with have with our customers. Regardless of what you need, we’ll always be here to help you.

  • 3

    Tools Should Be Powerful.

    Having all the bells and whistles doesn’t make something more useful. We’ve cut the fat out and are down to the bare essentials that make you successful.

  • 4

    Don’t Pick The Direction.

    Trying to guess the next move day after day is a losing bet. Probability trading and managing winners should be the new focus for every investor going forward.

  • 5

    No Hidden/Secret Charges.

    Our pricing is straightforward and published directly on our site. You’ll always know what you are being charged before you commit to the monthly membership.

  • 6

    Simple Strategies Last.

    We focus on time-tested strategies that produce income. You don’t trade penny stocks, currencies or complicated strategies that only sound cool but don’t really work.

  • 7

    Minimal Time Commitment.

    Options trading isn’t a walk in the park but it also doesn’t require you to quit your full-time day job. Our system was built with the intention of reducing your time commitment.

  • 8

    No Long-Term Contracts.

    Our members can cancel at anytime, no questions asked. We don’t charge setup/cancellation fees. Just seems like the right, honest way to run a business.

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