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Ideal for new traders who are just getting started.
$29.95 /mo
3 bots
10 backtests per month
$5k limit per bot
Community support


Perfect for traders who are ready to start scaling up.
$49.95 /mo
10 bots
100 backtests per month
$25k limit per bot
Community support


Designed for traders who need more of everything.
$99.95 /mo
20 bots
250 backtests per month
$50k limit per bot
Email support


Tailored for traders with large autotrading portfolios.
$199.95 /mo
50 bots
500 backtests per month
$100k limit per bot
Email support
Woot Woot Just Placed My 1st Live Trade! ...and got a congratulations email from team OA.... LOL. I know it's automated (pun intended), but still cool.
When all is said and done, I could not do this without the bot. Too time consuming. I can't come close to what the bot can do.
I was not able to watch the markets on a regular basis for a couple weeks. It was amazing, however, to see the power (and in this case, overall profit) from using bots. Trades executed exactly as designed, entering and exiting positions, and the $'s took care of themselves. I would not have been able to execute a single trade that was designed in my bots if I had to do it manually. That is BOT POWER!
I use to do all this stuff manually and had no problems spending hours upon hours managing everything. But now, this platform has spoiled me. I know that I really don't need to spend all that time managing all my trades. So it's a lot more painful doing it manually now, because I see how easily it can be done with bots.
Extremely excited to be rubbing elbows with high-caliber and pro traders in this awesome community.
My problem in the past has always been trade management … namely inability to keep emotions at bay when in the trade. The bots solve that problem for me.

Plus, every plan comes fully loaded

You'll always get full access to the trading tools you deserve and need to safely and successfully automate your trading, no matter what level you choose.
Free paper trading
Try automated trading risk-free using our in-house paper trading platform with live market data. Then, whenever you're ready to start trading live, simply connect your brokerage account(s).
Automated scanning
Markets move fast; if you’re not watching them, that means missed opportunities. Option Alpha lives in the cloud, always streaming real-time data so bots scan for opportunities and make data-driven decisions for you in milliseconds.
SmartPricing orders
Say goodbye to monitoring your orders and stressing about fills. SmartPricing works through the bid-ask spread hunting for the best available price and automatically sends (and cancels) multiple timed limit orders to your broker.
Auto-exit options
Bots check your positions every 1 minute and automatically close it if any of the four customizable exit options (i.e., profit targets, stop losses, etc.) are met. This means you never have to stress about missing an exit again.
Unlimited templates
Not sure where to start or looking for trading ideas? Explore hundreds of pre-built bot templates to help you get started. Plus, you can always customize or build your own custom bots from scratch.
Through our exclusive broker partnerships, you'll enjoy $0 commission-free* stock and option trades. Trade as much (or as little) as you want. As long as you're trading with Option Alpha you'll save on commissions.


and counting...

That’s how much money traders have saved with our exclusive commission-free* brokerage pricing. Pay $0 per trade & $0 per contract* when you trade with Option Alpha.


Everything you need to know about our plans at Option Alpha. Can't find the answer you're looking for? Please chat with our friendly team.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, you can try Option Alpha completely free for 30 days. During your trial you'll have a chance to kick the tires on every part of the platform so you can make the best decision. Plus, there's no credit card required to sign up.

Can I change my plan later?

Of course. Our plans can scale with you as you get more comfortable with Option Alpha and your trading needs grow. At any time, you can upgrade to the next level and we'll just prorate the difference.

What is your cancellation policy?

Rest easy knowing there are never any contracts or commitments, and you can cancel at any time. In fact, we make it easy to cancel your subscription with one-click inside your billing profile.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a clear refund policy for our traders. This is on top of our full-featured 30-day free trial. Your subscription remains active for the remainder of your paid billing period. Annual plans are refundable within 7 calendar days of an automatic renewal billing.

Do I need to download anything?

No, Option Alpha is a web-based trading platform that runs completely in the cloud which means you never have to download any local desktop software. We're always running, accessible from anywhere.

Is Option Alpha a broker?

No, we are a software service provider that connects to your brokerage. We never charge you extra commissions and your money stays with established institutions you know and trust. See broker integrations more details.

Still have questions?

Please contact to our friendly team. We'd love to help!

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