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Automate trading strategies with bots

Run fully automated strategies for options or stocks with no coding required. Stop trading your time and start optimizing your portfolio with bots.
100% No Code

Option Alpha was built so you never have to learn how to code anything to use it.

Execute Faster

React faster to market movements and avoid missed opportunities that cost money.

Instant Testing

Test your automation and bot actions to validate it's working the way you want.

Bot Templates

Start with pre-built bot templates so you don't have to build strategies from scratch.

Create your bots

Start with pre-built bot templates you can customize or build your own custom bots from scratch.
  • 100% no code
  • Flexible risk controls
  • Options and equities
  • Easily customizable
  • One-click cloning
  • Personalize your bots

Add automations

Automations tell the bot when to take action, what to look for, when to open positions, when to exit positions, and much more.
  • Scan for opportunities
  • Automated management
  • Run on schedules
  • Use custom inputs
  • Edit, save and reuse anything
  • Instant validation testing

Customize your decisions

Add actions and decisions using natural language recipes to the automation editor making it easy and fun to build your strategies.
  • Dozens of recipes
  • Technical indicators
  • Position-level data
  • And/or grouping
  • Reference position data
  • Infinite combinations

Leverage SmartPricing

Our proprietary technology uses timed intervals and adjusts pricing dynamically to optimize entries and exits.
  • Evaluates bid-ask spreads
  • Doesn’t chase the market
  • Adjusts pricing on-the-fly
  • Rapid-fires orders
  • Uses spaced time intervals
  • Customizable controls

Monitor bot activity

You’ll always have complete visibility and absolute control over everything happening inside your bot at all times.
  • Override trades manually
  • Edit position limits
  • View detailed bot logs
  • Adjust capital allocation
  • Track performance stats
  • Complete position history

Scale your portfolio

Run multiple systems and strategies all at the same time without the headache of watching every market tick by tick.
  • Personal bot dashboard
  • One-click bot cloning
  • Clear performance metrics
  • Easily turn bots ON/OFF
  • View all active positions
  • Free up your time
Paper Trading

Use our in-house paper trading engine to test any strategy before you go live.

Risk Controls

Control exactly how much risk you give to a bot or each position you enter.

Cloud Scaling

Our tech stack lives in the cloud so we're always up, always on, ready to scale.

Absolute Visibility

You have complete control and can see everything your bot does at all times.

Position Limits

Limit bots on the number of positions it can enter each day and/or in total.

Data Driven

Let bots process millions of data points and prices faster than you ever could.

Simple Recipes

Use simple, natural language decision recipes to tell your bot what to do.

Automation Editor

Our powerful automation editor gives you infinite flexibility with bot actions.

Fast Cloning

Clone bots or automations quickly and easy with just one-click.

Bot Personalization

Go ahead, have fun with your bots and give them names and custom icons.

Opportunity Filters

Bots can filter market data and pricing to find the perfect trading opportunities.

Template Notes

Add notes, images, or links to your bot templates to keep tabs on your strategy.

Organized Folders

Keep all your automations neatly organized with folders inside your personal Library.

Share Templates

One-click sharing of your bot template, privately or publicly, to the community.

Instant Automations

Run any automation in your bot instantly if needed for a one-off scenario.

Recurring Schedule

Run automations on any recurring schedule you can think of.

Dated-based Trades

Schedule an automation to run on a specific date and time in the future.

Event Triggers

Trigger automations to run only when bots open or close a position.

Reusable Automations

Save any automation to your Library and reuse them in other bots.

Technical Indicators

Scan for and trigger trades based on popular technical indicators.

And/Or Decisions

And/or decisions are a breeze and can even be grouped together.

Earnings Triggers

Pull earnings dates and decide to avoid or trade around earnings announcements.

Bot Logs

Every decision, every trade, every automation, all the data, is in the logs.

Multiple Accounts

We support multiple account types (IRA, Cash/Margin, Roth, etc.) from one login.

Manual Trading

Really? You still want to trade manually? Okay we've got that too if you need it.

Collision Avoidance

Avoid over allocating or trading too much with position and bot limits.

Custom Inputs

Create custom inputs that become dynamic variable fields for automations.

Activity Notifications

Notifications for all the activity in your account so you know what's going on.

Easy Editing

Quickly update, tweak, or change anything inside your bots in seconds.

Data Inspector

Want to see exactly what data was used by the bot to make each decision? You got it.

Strict Security

We conform to the most stringent industry standards to protect you.

On-going Training

Award-winning education and training is the foundation of our platform.

Legendary Support

We never cut corners with support and real humans are here to help you anytime.

It's awesome seeing a bot learn how to do what you do. Because you know it can do it over and over again for you without letting emotions get in the way of the actual game plan.
I've been trading for over 40 years, and realize there are a lot of trading styles besides the ones I feel most comfortable with. With bots, I think I can manage to try more things without increasing the time necessary to execute and manage trades.
All of my bots, which are not many, and designed by others and tweaked by me are all doing their bot jobs.
You all just keep validating my decision to become an elite member. Thank you for continuing to add value to the platform.
I'm so impressed with SmartStops, testing within the automation and the 'Opportunity is Available' recipe. I'm working on a Debit Spread Strategy right now and these are ALL relevant and coming in handy. I'm literally chuckling and grinning as I read these release notes because of how cool these new features will be.
This platform is going to change the game. Layers of abstraction are what innovation provides and that's exactly what the investing world needs. I don't have bandwidth to sit on TOS trying new things all day. This platform will allow me to participate in markets in a more automated way.

Bots finally give you a competitive edge

Never miss another trading opportunity
Markets move fast and it's just not possible to watch every market at all times. Bots can search for new opportunities, manage existing positions, and make all the decisions necessary to run systematic strategies.
Scale your strategies like never before
Run as many different strategies or trading systems as you want, from the most basic to the most complex, effortlessly with automated bots.
Trade systematically by removing emotions
When you trade with bots you harness the power of data-driven automations which avoid letting emotions and investor biases ruin your performance.
Unlock more freedom and flexibility
At work? On vacation? With the family? Bots have you covered. No more being tied to the screens to manage positions effectively.

Pre-built bot templates you'll love

Not sure where to start? Explore the huge library of bot templates shared inside our Community you can clone and edit.
Be a more powerful options trader
Leverage automation to improve returns, find better trades, and transform into a superhuman trader.
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