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Find and backtest 0DTE and next day trades

Trade SPX for cash settlement and favorable tax treatment using the all-new 0DTE Oracle.

Visualize future price ranges and earnings dates

See the future price range that the options market is projecting along with each expiration's max pain point.
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Backtested trade ideas for earnings reports

Earnings Edge provides a unique math based approach for trading earnings reports that helps find opportunities based on historical post earnings price moves.

Find new trade ideas based on math and probabilities

Explore pre-calculated trading ideas that meet your criteria, then instantly place orders.
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Live, interactive options payoff diagrams

Visualize the payoff of any position including max profit/loss, probabilities, EV, Alpha, and more.

Automatically monitor your positions every 1 minute

Use technology to replace the stressful, time-consuming process of babysitting trades.
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Start your 30-day free trial

Leverage automation to improve returns, find better trades, and transform into a superhuman trader.
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After nearly two years of following OA, I finally took the leap and joined the platform earlier this year. As someone who has primarily been a long stock investor only, I never imagined myself venturing into the world of professional option trading. However, the OA platform has proven to be a game changer, convincing me that option trading can indeed complement my investment strategies. I recently attended Kirk’s Bootcamp workshop, which was truly outstanding, especially for a newbie option trader like myself. The insights gained were invaluable, and I was really excited to put them into practice.

Gosh, I take a few days break from OA and come back to a whole bunch of new goodness. Can't wait to figure out how to take full advantage of it. Thanks OA team for all of your hard work! Amazing what a small group of dedicated people can do.

I'm retired too, and have been learning options for the last couple years. Just discovered OA a couple months ago, and I'm loving it.

Thanks OA team. Amazing additions and improvements. It literally just keeps getting better! Thanks for all of the continued effort.

The more challenges you throw at the OA team the more they deliver.

Amazing new features. Thanks for all the hard work. Loving the platform!!!

You guys at OA work fast. I was so happy with the last update and now this! I’m loving the trailing stop on the exit options and the triggers on the automations. Will definitely be taking advantage of these updates in the coming days. Thank you!

As a software developer I wanted to backtest some option strategies. Just when I was getting ready to spend $10,000 on CBOE DataShop, OptionAlpha was launched. Getting the Pro+ subscription was a no-brainer for me. As I discovered, the best part of OptionAlpha is the community, here I found some of the smartest people around.

Excellent job! You guys Rock! Love the update. Thank you for leveling the playing field.

Holy sh*t, the new Automation Editor is incredible. Great work!

For a year now, I've been utilizing Option Alpha and it has been a transformative platform into my trading tools. The team has an impressive set of educational resources that facilitate a deeper understanding of option trading and bot utilization. The recent platform update is remarkable, featuring more user-friendly options for customizing trades and safeguarding profits. I'm still adjusting and experimenting with new features like trailing stops, the team has truly done an outstanding job!

Trailing stops and 1-minute exit options have greatly improved my trust in automated trading. If my position doesn’t get filled right away, I don’t need to worry as it will keep trying every minute.

Be a more powerful options trader
Leverage automation to improve returns, find better trades, and transform into a superhuman trader.
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