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It's awesome seeing a bot learn how to do what you do. Because you know it can do it over and over again for you without letting emotions get in the way of the actual game plan.
I've been trading for over 40 years, and realize there are a lot of trading styles besides the ones I feel most comfortable with. With bots, I think I can manage to try more things without increasing the time necessary to execute and manage trades.
All of my bots, which are not many, and designed by others and tweaked by me are all doing their bot jobs.
You all just keep validating my decision to become an elite member. Thank you for continuing to add value to the platform.
I'm so impressed with SmartStops, testing within the automation and the 'Opportunity is Available' recipe. I'm working on a Debit Spread Strategy right now and these are ALL relevant and coming in handy. I'm literally chuckling and grinning as I read these release notes because of how cool these new features will be.
This platform is going to change the game. Layers of abstraction are what innovation provides and that's exactly what the investing world needs. I don't have bandwidth to sit on TOS trying new things all day. This platform will allow me to participate in markets in a more automated way.

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