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Priority Support

This agreement outlines the terms and conditions for participating in Option Alpha’s Priority Support.

By engaging with the Priority Support services offered by the Company, you acknowledge and agree to this Priority Support Agreement, which is also incorporated by reference into the Terms of Use.

Description of Priority Support

The Priority Support Program ("the Program") is designed to provide our valued users with an enhanced support experience. This includes a commitment to deeper research when needed, more personalized answers, and priority escalation for troubleshooting issues. Participation in the Program does not guarantee faster support responses but rather ensures a more in-depth and detailed approach to support queries and guidance on possible solutions.

Definition of Participants

For the purposes of this Agreement, ‘Participants’ refers to the registered users of the Alpha One program and/or users who have purchased Priority Support and who have registered on the Website and have agreed to the terms and conditions of both the Company’s general Terms of Use and this Priority Support Agreement. 


All registered users of the Website are eligible to participate in the Priority Support Program. The Program is intended to enhance the existing support framework and is available to all users without discrimination.

Services Provided

Participants in the Program will receive the following benefits:

  • Priority Support: Email inquiries will receive a higher priority over non-participating members and be answered first.
  • Priority Escalation: In the event of troubleshooting or technical issues, participants will receive higher priority in the escalation process to resolve possible issues as quickly as possible. Escalation is determined by the Option Alpha team.
  • Higher Degree of Response: Support queries will be crafted with a higher degree of detail and specificity, aiming to provide comprehensive solutions and answers.
  • Live Training Events: All Priority Support participants receive exclusive access to private live training events for every new platform release. Live events will highlight new platform updates and how to use them. All events will be recorded.


The Program does not include the following:

  • No Priority Queue or Ticketing System: The Program does not offer an external prioritized list or ticketing system where participants are placed in a priority queue. While we strive to provide enhanced quality and attention in our support responses, participation in the Program does not imply a fixed or guaranteed order of response to inquiries.
  • Phone Support: Support under this Program will be provided through existing digital channels only. Phone support, video calls, and one-on-one mentoring are not available and not part of the Priority Support Program.
  • Building of Bots/Automations: The Company will not provide services to build or customize bots and/or automations for individual participants.
  • No Guaranteed Timeframe for Bug Fixes: While we endeavor to address and resolve issues promptly, there is no guarantee that reported bugs, or technical issues, will be fixed within a certain timeframe. The nature and complexity of software development mean that some issues may take longer to resolve than others, and some may not be resolvable within the constraints of existing technology or resources.
  • Investment Advice or Guidance: The Company and its affiliates, owners, managers, employees, shareholders, officers, directors, other personnel, representatives, agents, or independent contractors (collectively, “Company Persons”) do not hold themselves out to be attorneys, accountants financial advisor, or investment advisors, nor does any Information or other Website contents constitute legal, accounting, investing or other professional advice to you. You acknowledge and agree that the Information and this Website are not intended to be a substitute for the legal, accounting, financial investing, or other professional advice that can be provided by your own professional advisors. To this end, Priority Support does not include specific financial advice, guidance, or recommendations.

Additional Limitations Regarding Support Hours

  • Standard Business Hours Operation: The Company’s Priority Support services are primarily available during normal business hours, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time (ET), Monday through Friday.
  • No Guarantee of Off-Hours Response: While our support team may occasionally respond to inquiries outside of these hours, there is no guarantee of this. Participants should not expect or rely on receiving responses to their support queries outside of the standard business hours.
  • Managing Expectations: This limitation is in place to manage expectations appropriately and ensure the well-being of our support staff. Participants are encouraged to submit their inquiries during the stated business hours for a timely and efficient response.

Program Guidelines

Participants in the Program must adhere to the same ethical and legal standards as outlined in the Company's general terms of use. Any misuse of the Program or violation of its terms may result in termination of participation and potential legal action.

Modification and Termination

The Company reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Priority Support Program at any time without prior notice. Any modifications or updates to the Program will be effective upon posting the revised terms on our Website.

Limitation of Liability

The Company is not liable for any errors, delays, or disruptions in providing support services, including but not limited to technical issues, internet connectivity problems, or user error. In no event shall we be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with the Priority Support Program.

No Guarantee of Resolution

While the Priority Support Program strives to provide high-quality and detailed support, there is no guarantee that a solution will be found for every inquiry. Some issues may be beyond the control of the Company or the scope of what the platform is capable of at any moment in time, including but not limited to:

  • Broker-Account Issues: Participants may need to contact their broker directly for issues specifically related to brokerage services, as these are outside the scope of the Company’s support and authority.
  • External Vendor and Exchange Limitations: Issues arising from third-party vendors, cloud services, or exchanges, especially concerning order routing and fulfillment, may not be resolvable by the Company. These external factors are beyond our control.

Authorization to Investigate

By enrolling in the Priority Support program, you grant Option Alpha permission to access your account and investigate, troubleshoot, and document any issues or potential software issues.

Contact Information

Should you have any questions about the Priority Support Program, please contact us by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.

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