Released a new version to the platform that includes expanded community and bot functionality.

We've pushed a new version of the platform that includes the following updates:

  • New Market News service that aggregates all headline news.
  • Users can comment directly on new articles and even post templates or automations directly to the article.
  • By popular demand, we implemented a Templates section to the Community where all publicly shared bot templates can be searched for, commented on, cloned, etc.
  • New Community sorting algorithms for ranking posts by Trending/Hot, Recent, Top
  • Expanded/collapsed Community view for previewing posts
  • Added ability to create an automation outside of a bot, i.e., you don't need to create a bot just to draft or sketch a decision tree.
  • Automations can be saved and added to any bot at a later date.
  • My Library now includes sections for all of your saved Bot Templates and Automations
  • Added Positions dashboard to see all open bot positions in one list
  • Expanded the Follow feature so that users can now follow pretty much anything: new articles, posts, template discussions.
  • Bookmarking was added so you can bookmark anything for easy access to it later.
  • Added Bug Submission form where users can submit any issues they encounter
  • Various UI improvements, too many to list.
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