What's New in Option Alpha

May 2024

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Released new version to improve scaling and load balancing for users plus new recipes and features

We’ve pushed a new version of the platform that includes the following updates:


  • New “Test” functionality added to automation editor to allow for immediate testing of automations right inside the automation editor.
  • New recipe for “Opportunity is available” to filter for opportunities such as the availability of 0 DTE positions being available vs. having to run multiple event automations for the same decision.
  • New recipe for SmartStops to allow for position targets and trailing stops using automations for more intelligent position management.
  • New automation action “Notification” was added to allow the user to create their own in-app notifications to push messages to themselves anywhere inside the automation editor decision tree.
  • New "Clear logs" button added to remove all logs, if needed, from a bot.


  • Updated folders for automations to allow for easier deleting and renaming.
  • Updated bot links to position screen so that users can more easily refer back to the bot that holds the existing position they are viewing.
  • Updated bot icons and sorting to the position screen so that users can easily filter positions by bot.


  • Fixed various bugs related to data, servers, scaling, and load balancing.
  • Fixed bug related to posting in the Community and attaching templates.
  • Fixed bug related to recognition of ETFs not having earnings dates.
  • Fixed bug related to automation inputs not holding default values when transferred to the bot level.
  • Fixed bug related to news ticker returning a blank page for non-supported tickers.
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