Updated platform to include new user pod system and additional upgrades to servers.

We’ve pushed a new version of the platform that includes the following updates:


  • Implemented new "pod" system for users.
  • Created distributed message bus for "pod" system.
  • Horizontally scaled bot servers, preparing for influx of new users.


  • Modified data feed processing to better scale with inbound traffic.
  • Upgraded all server instances to the same class, fastest servers in the cloud.
  • Introduced multiple caching layers at the DNS edge, reverse proxy, and web server.
  • Migrated legacy website to AWS hosting.


  • Watchlist bug where improperly formatted data prevented it from loading.
  • Days to earnings bug rounding error that added +1 days to PM announcements.
  • Corrected various ticker names displaying on the watchlist.
  • Corrected various small UI elements and display issues.

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