Released new version of the platform to include SmartPricing, Order Controls, Template Versioning, and much more.

We’ve pushed a new version of the platform that includes the following updates:


  • SmartPricing controls for open and close order actions.
  • Order limit and bid/ask spread limit controls for orders.
  • Ability to cancel working orders by the user manually.
  • Manual override of positions to release position from bot when directed by the user.
  • Bot template versioning to allow a template to be updated to the newest version and prevent multiple posts needed of the same template for different versions.
  • Ability to delete backtests from list of My Backtests.
  • Enabled bot limits for account level on the Bot Dashboard
  • Enabled ticker limits at the bot level.
  • Included the ability to choose how to handle Market Holidays for scheduled automations.
  • Added a calendar view of upcoming runs for scheduled automations.
  • Added "trade price" to available position properties for decisions.
  • User can remove automation from bot list of recently used automations for "This Bot"
  • Refresh order screen buttons to pull recent order status manually if needed.


  • Position order screen to include entire history of orders submitted (filled, canceled, timeout, etc.)
  • Re-arranged order screen to include more details on prices attempted and filled or not by bot.
  • Trading account named now listed under bot name.
  • Updated the bot dashboard to push bot statistics to the top above P&L chart.


  • Strike price inputs upgrade for each option strategy type to protect user from accidentally flipping orders when incorrectly using inputs.
  • Leg price anomalies verification for option strategies to protect users from incorrectly flipping legs on accident (i.e. short put strike should be above long put strike).
  • Library bot counts fixed for automations used in bots.
  • Position link in notification window linking directly to position referenced in alert.
  • Click the "+" button in automation editor
  • Bot tags for "short" positions which were failing to show on some positions.
  • Several backtesting statistics for ratios and performance metrics to prep for new upcoming metrics in next release.
  • Corrected various small UI elements and display issues.
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