What's New in Option Alpha

May 2024

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Dashboard mockup


Pushed improvements to TD OAuth token process, bot stats, and added ability to manage multiple accounts.

We’ve pushed a new version of the platform that includes the following updates:


  • Ability to create, name, and rename multiple paper trading account for organization.
  • Summarized stats for bot portfolios to main bot dashboard.
  • Dropdown 'account selector' to easily navigate between trading accounts.
  • Included bid/ask spread to security, opportunity, position and position leg properties.
  • More descriptive text for invalid input errors.


  • Loosened anomaly detection on position closing legs for exiting positions.
  • Upgraded to new TD OAuth token process.


  • Event scheduling bug for repeated inputs not loading.
  • Occurrences of invalid inputs which now accept default values.
  • Corrected various small UI elements and display issues.
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