What's New in Option Alpha

May 2024

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Pushed improvements to automations, added new decision recipes, and improved SmartPricing.

We’ve pushed a new version of the platform that includes the following updates:


  • Auto-off for automations once bot reaches 10 errors in a single trading day.
  • Ability to turn on automations after auto-off referenced above once errors are corrected.
  • Scanner and monitor automations now operate in sequential order for each automation type respectively.
  • Ability for users to order their automations.
  • New decision for Current Market Time.
  • New decision for Current Market Day.
  • New decision for Bot available capital for opportunity.
  • New decision for Bot has positions of specific symbol and type.
  • New decision for checking Bot capital, allocation, Open P/L, Total P/L, net liquid, maintenance values.
  • Triple indirection action for leg strike selection in Open Position action.
  • Choice for leg strike selections that include "Same as position" and "Same as short/long put/call leg"
  • Choices for actions taken after an action is deleted from the automation editor decision tree.
  • Ability to choose Yes or No path when deleting a branch in the decision tree.
  • Ability to choose Yes or No path for adding actions that precede other actions.
  • Community posts sorting by recent activity.
  • Pushing bot templates to top of recent activity when new versions are added.
  • Ability for user to change email and update full name in account settings.


  • Removed short equity positions as an available choice.
  • Bot now tracks all symbols used in automations for ticker symbol limits.
  • Patient SmartPricing now start at the mid price and evenly distributes the prices across the bid/ask spread.
  • Available capital calculation now accounts for pending orders to prevent exceeding max allocation.
  • Various UI improvements and edits.


  • 15 minute interval lockup/slowdown that occurred for platform running automations.
  • Running a test automation no longer increments or includes symbol in bot count.
  • Ability to upvote after changing sort type.
  • Italics and spacing in Community posts and comments.
  • Common leg errors when looking up strikes - e.g., $/% above/below other leg results in the same leg because it's closest. Bots now strictly enforce above or below.
  • Error $/% above/below the underlying price now works as expected and selects strictly above or below.
  • Bug in selecting folders for saving automations to your library.
  • Bug in new Yes/No path deletion for last remaining decision action.
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