New updated platform version with new decision recipes, 2FA for live traders, and new broker integrations.

We’ve pushed a new version of the platform that includes the following updates:


  • SMS Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) availability for all live traders.
  • Folder icon shows next to automations that are linked to My Library.
  • Highlighted red exclamation point next to automations that are missing inputs.
  • All Accounts drop-down option to Bots page to view all bots for all accounts on one screen.
  • Daily error count displayed next to bot status on Bots dashboard.
  • Trades screen now displays the bot's icon next to each trade.
  • Choice of "market days" in addition to "calendar days" for applicable decisions.
  • New decision for relative date bot last opened a position.
  • New decision for whether or not a bot is currently opening a position.
  • New decision for whether or not a bot can open a position at all.
  • Added username and timestamp of most recent comment in subtext for Community posts.
  • TradeStation brokerage is now fully integrated.
  • Tradier brokerage is now fully integrated.


  • Closed Positions now sorts by and displays the date the position was closed, regardless of how it was was closed (e.g., canceled, error, override, close). It was previously sorted by open date.
  • Moved Accounts page to Bot Dashboard from user Settings.
  • Enforcing session duration for logged in users before re-authentication is required for 60 mins of inactivity.
  • Removed sort features from posts in user profiles, set default view to expanded.
  • Divided error types into fatal errors and soft errors. Capital errors, pricing anomalies, position limit errors, and no option available errors are now considered soft and will no longer count against the daily error limit prior to bot auto-shutdown.
  • Symbol COG was removed due to merger/delisting.
  • Various UI improvements and enhancements.


  • Bug where Watchlist would stop loading after removing all symbols.
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