New updated platform version with Loops, Intraday Indicators, Importing positions, and Switches

We’ve pushed a new version of the platform that includes the following updates:


  • Ability to import position(s) from brokerage account to bot connected to that live account.
  • Ability to edit caption for an automation action with custom text in the automation editor.
  • Loops for Positions and Loops for Symbols. (Replaced "Repeaters")
  • Intraday option for all technical indicators now available.
  • New decision recipe for "Bot opened a position with ticker more than X days ago".
  • New decision recipe for "Bot is currently opening a position with symbol".
  • New decision recipe for "Switch is on/off".
  • New decision recipe for "Symbol price increased/decreased X std deviations since Days ago".
  • New indicator decision for MACD.
  • New indicator decision for Bollinger Bands.
  • New indicator decision for STOC.


  • Removed bot allocation restrictions enforced during Beta testing.
  • Various UI improvements and enhancements.


  • Bug where small chance of live trade executed in broker account got stuck in an opening or closing state inside bot.
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