New updated platform version introducing enhanced manual trading capabilities, 1-minute position exit options, various backtester upgrades, and option payoff diagrams.


  • 1-minute Exit Options for all positions
  • Manual trading interface for options & equities, featuring live options chains
  • Option P/L payoff diagrams for open positions
  • Various entry criteria decisions to backtester
  • Support for all symbol contracts, including LEAPS 
  • Email alerts for open/closed positions and custom notifications
  • New Home page with notifications and live vs. paper account sorting
  • Technical indicators: Ultimate Oscillator, StochRSI, Stoch K% and Williams %R
  • Automation actions now visible in the log
  • Open positions counter to the bot dashboard
  • Opportunity Decision for 'Mid price Between'
  • Symbol Decision for 'IV Rank Between'
  • Symbol Decision for 'VIX Between'
  • Position Decision property for 'Risk'
  • Deleted broker account(s) can now be restored by users
  • Closed Position columns reflect capital at risk and return on risk
  • Stats now available for closed positions
  • Toggle switch and warning/error notifications added to Bots page
  • Expected Range calculation for Watchlist
  • Ability to turn off or limit the number of Bot warnings


  • Raised maximum bot level tags to 20
  • Enabled bots now display 'On' instead of 'Active'
  • Automations tab now called Settings
  • Bot inputs are now held on settings page
  • Bot Limits are now held on the settings page
  • Bot dashboard now includes capital usage and total position counts
  • Trading Accounts have been moved to Settings
  • Top Navigation bar removed
  • News feature removed from Watchlist
  • Decision properties now titled Mid instead of Mark
  • Qty column removed from the bot positions tab
  • Full closed position history now available
  • Community Layout now full page view
  • Notifications now moved to Home Page
  • Custom input option removed for bot notifications
  • Maximum number of Bot buttons now set to 10
  • Daily bot stats recording moved to 4:15 PM ET
  • SmartPricing input now able to be set at greater than 100%
  • Updated risk disclosures for TOS & TD Ameritrade


  • Watchlist Heading links not working for new trial members
  • Corrected max drawdown calculation on bot dashboard
  • Backtests unable to open in web UI
  • Issue with null symbols entering loops that caused bot errors
  • Issue with fill prices being reported incorrectly
  • Issue where closed positions still reflected in the Day P/L column
  • Issue with the 2FA button not engaging after code submission
  • Issue where the SmartPricing array would display prices out of order

Backtester Upgrades


  • VIX filter
  • Position 'price range' for pricing thresholds
  • Entry Criteria for: Symbol price is above/below value, symbol price is above MA, symbol MA vs MA, symbol technical indicator buy/sell, symbol indicator is above/below value.
  • Debit or Credit text now added to profit-taking/stop-loss fields depending on strategy type
  • Stop-loss % values expanded with new options for 125/175/225/275
  • Profit-taking values expanded with new options for 10/15/20/30/35/40/45/55/60/65/70/80/90
  • Text 'Days Before' added to expiration selections
  • Earnings now offers an exit based on 'days before'
  • Compare button to view 3 backtests together


  • Three allocations now 1 allocation amount and 1 position size
  • Backtester creation button now present on all pages
  • Can no longer seek >100% of profit on a short strategy
  • Earnings no longer yes/no option
  • Backtest database removed all unrealistic performance results
  • All backtests now have a maximum capital allocation of 100k to match bots
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