What's New in Option Alpha

May 2024

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New updated platform version with a redesigned User Interface, enhanced Leg Selections, Closed Position editing, and Backtester comparisons.

We’ve pushed a new version of the platform that includes the following updates:


  • New position property for Return on Risk %
  • New decision recipe for "Symbol is Type" (Stock or ETF)
  • Ability to change closed position status and edit order closing prices
  • Ability to negate decisions using NOT
  • Ability to choose specific leg placements as exactly, closest, higher, or lower
  • Ability to research backtests by filtering or ranking properties
  • Ability to compare up to 3 backtests
  • New Event options for 10 minutes after open or 10 minutes before close
  • Max Drawdown in the performance metrics
  • Community section for Strategy Central
  • Comment and upvote to Research backtests, viewable by all users
  • Maintenance Requirement to the main Bots view
  • Today's Option Activity to Watchlist
  • Historical Volatility, Monthly IV, and Earnings Info to Watchlist Overview
  • Technicals section to Watchlist for each ticker
  • Additional bot icons and categories


  • Bot level inputs now display custom values in the input window
  • Allow decimal values instead of integers for standard deviation recipes
  • Monitors now run prior to scanners
  • Loops process the entire decision tree one symbol at a time rather than concurrently
  • Streamlined main Community categories to 4 groups: Open Discussion, Get Help, Template Exchange, Strategy Central
  • Dynamic backtest IDs to persistent so URL links to backtests can be shared repeatedly
  • Positions column on bot page to include Active/Total
  • Watchlist layout to include built-in News section, News is no longer its own app
  • UI improvements to the P/L graph display
  • UI improvements to the automation editor
  • UI improvements to backtest results display, allowing side-by-side comparison
  • UI improvements to Community home
  • Position matching for quantity "same as" was not matching correctly
  • Switches would disengage when decision was edited after saving
  • Loops not decrementing available capital
  • Symbol field now requires a symbol be supplied
  • Nested inputs for position delta were not processing properly
  • Chance ITM calculation was not factoring in 0 days to expiration, now uses fractional days for time value for higher precision
  • Submitting a backtest without an allocation caused backtest to never complete
  • Short Equity type removed from position loop and position type decisions
  • Naked option strategy types removed from backtester
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