What's New in Option Alpha

May 2024

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Dashboard mockup

Dashboard mockup
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Dashboard mockup


New updated platform version introducing the Bot Wizard, the ability to create a bot from a backtest, new decision recipes for OHLC, Bot position history, and technical signals.


  • Ability to create a bot from a backtest
  • New ‘Bot Wizard’ for simplified bot building
  • New decision for technical buy & sell signals from indicators
  • New decision for Bot position history activity
  • New decision for Open/High/Low/Close (OHLC)
  • Additional tool tips added to recipe panel
  • Ability to upload a video in community posts
  • New Bot decision properties for: Day P/L, Day P/L%, Return %, and Win Rate


  • Deleted Input from Symbol Loop now show an ‘unused’ state
  • Test Automation panel no longer supports bot-level inputs
  • Removed 'same as position' option from input window
  • Removed the input field for bot notifications


  • Reused inputs getting pushed to bot level
  • Inputs becoming inaccessible after pushing to bot level through test panel
  • Automation sequence randomizing after cloning unless reengaged
  • Position Tag input not allowing automation test to run
  • Date shifting one day forward when selecting specific expiration dates
  • SmartPricing trying the mid-price when turned off and using the math operator.
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