What's New in Option Alpha

May 2024

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Dashboard mockup

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Dashboard mockup


New updated platform version introducing Trade Ideas, enhanced Exit Options, and much more...


  • New platform section Trade Ideas
  • Proprietary Alpha Rank for opportunities in Trade Ideas
  • SmartPricing settings now fully customizable in Exit options
  • Two new decisions to reference Symbol OHLC data points
  • Two new decisions to reference Earnings
  • Presets are now available for Exit Options
  • Market orders now available
  • Email alerts now include Expiration details
  • Button to Retry Position for canceled orders
  • Technical signal details added to Screener
  • Bot performance charts now display Closed P/L only option
  • Bot performance charts now display Win Rate
  • Return % and Day % now listed on the Bots page
  • Position % Low now included on the Position Details card
  • Bid/Ask, Mid, & Trade Price details now included on the Position Details card
  • Quantity and Return % details not included on the Position Details card
  • ‘Premium’ column added to Position pages
  • Getting Started checklist added to Home
  • Various info bubbles to provide context 
  • Hover view of decision properties
  • Closed positions now available in the Positions section
  • Todays Option Activity now included in the Watchlist symbol info
  • Help windows now populate when clicking on checklist items
  • Spark Charts now visible on the Backtest and Screener pages.
  • Position Checks counter to the Activity Window
  • Tables, Headings, Breaks, Lists, and Code view added to Community text editor
  • Slide bar added to Automation Library window
  • Profile Image and dropdown added to Home
  • Get Help link to Profile Image dropdown on Home
  • Trading Accounts page now indicates that one set of credentials per broker is allowed


  • SmartPricing % raised and capped from 110 to 150%
  • SmartPricing final order and Limit order timeout reduced to 2 minute globally
  • Improved visibility into broker rejection errors, now highlighted in red. 
  • Automation library now included in left navigation
  • Watchlist now called Screener
  • Add automation flow now streamlined
  • Add bot button layout
  • Gear icon to access automation settings no longer requires cursor hover
  • Automation Test button now pulls updated inputs
  • Expanded Bot input window on the Settings page
  • Activity alerts are now able to be turned off from notifications
  • Various UI text and color changes
  • New Position UI now center screen pop-out 
  • New Position UI now includes Long Equity in the Strategy dropdown
  • ‘Allocation’ removed from the Bots page
  • ‘Active’ removed from the Bots page
  • Bots Closed positions window no longer collapsed by default
  • Events now categorized as Triggers
  • Controls now titled Safeguards
  • Trade Log now integrated with the Position section
  • Bot icon moved to the left side of Positions section to match Bots layout
  • Earnings are no longer shown on the Position Details cards for ETFs 
  • ‘Capital’ window information now incorporated into Bot Dashboard stats
  • Capital risk chart now Capital at Risk to show constant and fluctuating value


  • Exit Option selections not retaining when changing strategy 
  • Orders getting stuck in a closing or opening state
  • Exit Options controls text reverting to back to enabled
  • Scheduled events not running after 1 calendar year
  • Fill Price incorrectly showing on the Position details
  • Issue with Bot performance charts not loading on dashboard
  • Delay causing stats not updating on new position screen
  • Issue with first closed position not being shown if overridden
  • Backtester comparison not working properly 
  • Missing bot-level symbol inputs displaying error text in log
  • UI bug causing the “% of” to be displayed for capital allocations.
  • UI fix to correct the loop symbols from running off the right side of window
Learn more about these updates here: Option Alpha January 2023 Release
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