Debit Spread added to Trade Ideas, beta-weighting, bot-archiving, symbol tags and more!


  • New trading strategies including Debit Spreads and Iron Butterfly added to Trade Ideas
  • Feature to archive trading bots
  • Trade Ideas and Positions now display Beta, Beta Weight, and Delta metrics
  • Trade Idea open position actions expanded to include Debit Spreads and Iron Butterfly strategies
  • Tags feature now available for Symbol based decisions
  • Decision to reference Symbol tags being present or not
  • ETF Ex-Dividend dates now included in Calendar
  • Direct link to Position Details from a position loop log entry
  • Function to copy multiple loop symbols to the clipboard for easy pasting
  • DTE sorting filter for Open Positions
  • Beta-weight properties now included in bot and position recipes
  • Beta weight summary now visible on Position and Bot screens
  • Global setting implemented to restrict max Exit Option attempts per day to prevent 390 Rule violations


  • Trade Idea presets now displayed on the Home page
  • Trade Idea symbol selector organized alphabetically (A-Z) by column
  • Default selections for backtester leg delta removed
  • Text removed from the watchlist icon in Trade Ideas
  • 'Find Trade Idea' action now divided into Debit and Credit options
  • Symbol field now required when creating Trade Ideas Bot


  • Issue where symbol type decisions were not recognizing XSP
  • Display bar error with negative IV rank bars in the Screener
  • Issue with presets for EV and Alpha not saving properly
  • Symbol ID issue preventing XSP position importing from TD Ameritrade
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