What's New in Option Alpha

May 2024

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Dashboard mockup


Entry position criteria with trade filtering, expiration handling, community enhancements and more!


  • Entry position criteria to Open Position action
  • Automatic filtering for opportunity availability and position leg offset avoidance
  • Ability to customize how ITM positions are handled at expiration in Settings
  • Redesigned homepage with color coded alerts and community notifications
  • Symbol and position loops now auto link inputs in subsequent actions
  • Threaded replies added to community posts
  • Traders section added to the community for easier finding and following other traders
  • Redesigned community profile with post sort & filtering, location, social media links
  • Upcoming earnings date added to new position screen
  • Exit Options now available directly on New Position screen
  • Enhanced community search functionally
  • Tag field for Close Position actions
  • Ability to post directly to your profile
  • Trailing Stop help bubble includes optional safeguard settings
  • Filtered positions reference inside Bot Log
  • Log visibility to Open Position actions 


  • Automation maximum size limit increased
  • Day P/L columns retitled to Change and Change %
  • Excessive errors message now clarifies ‘Automations turned off’
  • Open position legs reorganized to flow from lowest to highest
  • Log out button moved to left navigation 


  • Inability to Override positions in some circumstances
  • Ability to Proceed with Loop
  • FOMC/CPI decision not recognizing the correct path
  • Additional ‘s’ added to log status for multiple entries
  • UI issue with negative IV rank display bar inside of screener
  • Inability to view bot template automation previews
  • Load more button disappearing on closed positions with identical date
  • PML column not correctly sorting 0-10% opportunities
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