Closed position analysis, community driven event calendar, bot data export and more!


  • Event calendar with upcoming market events, earnings, ex-dividends, and holidays
  • Export function to download bot closed position data to CSV
  • Analyze Results button for bot/position detail analysis
  • Open Action position criteria for ‘Expires before next dividend date’
  • Status and Symbol sorting for Bot closed positions
  • Ability to delete cancelled positions in your bot Closed positions log
  • Additional in-app help resource links added to Trade Ideas


  • Trade Ideas are now automatically sorted to avoid Ex Dividend dates
  • Top navigation added to Positions section
  • Paper trading ITM Position handling action set to Override by default
  • IVR column added back to Trade Ideas user interface


  • Input description text not wrapping
  • Trade Ideas log output ‘Max Loss’ title indicating ‘Max Profit’
  • Bot Dashboard Total P/L and Return % tiles not updating when changing chart view
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