What's New in Option Alpha

May 2024

Visualize future price ranges and earnings dates

The ticker screen got a major update including:

  • Visualize the projected future price range
  • Visualize the max pain price point across expirations
  • Added option expiration list with stats and IV based on VIX methodology
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Max pain, open interest and other visuals for option expirations

Quickly switch between expirations to visually compare charts including:

  • Main Pain theory
  • Open Interest
  • Daily Option Volume
  • Implied Volatility Skew
  • Historical vs Implied Probability of Expiring ITM

Interactive payoff chart added to the new position and open position screens

  • Visualize the payoff at expiration before opening a position
  • Max profit, max loss, POP, PMP and other stats added to open position screen
  • Automated calculation of favorable reward/risk for PMP added to both screens (hover the reward/risk for more details)
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

New stats and IV crush trade ideas for earnings reports

  • Switch between trades for the expected move, average 1d move or average 5d move
  • Iron condor, short call spread and short put spread trades
  • "Outliers" stat looks at historical reports to see the % of times the stock price exceeded that trade's OTM %

Dashboard mockup


A major update to the tickers screen, including future price projections, key data for option expirations, a new interactive payoff diagram, enhanced earnings stats, and more.
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