Bot Supercharging ability, new decisions for evaluating position moneyness, and more!


  • Bot Supercharging (up to 1m scans, 25 symbols per bot, 25 positions per bot)
  • New position-based decisions to evaluate moneyness
  • Ability to delete a bot with active positions
  • Reset buttons for symbol and tag collections on the Bot Dashboard
  • Safeguard to restrict short position final prices being placed beyond spread width
  • Ability to toggle Switches from the Bot Inputs window


  • Home page summary display
  • Beta weight displayed without $ symbol for decision output
  • SmartPricing Off with Slippage exit setting no longer attempts mid price


  • Symbol tags not automatically clearing out if unused
  • Long Equity positions not displaying beta weight correctly
  • CCI intraday decision returning wrong time period value
  • Unlinking bot inputs would create nested inputs
  • 3Y charts in Screener not loading correctly
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