Research strategies and find new trading ideas better than ever before


Create automated bots in minutes that trade for you with no coding required


Supercharge your portfolio by reacting faster and removing emotions

Secure, private, and scalable

Most platforms are a hodgepodge of code from various code libraries and scripts that creates unstable platforms and leave you vulnerable. At Option Alpha, we took a different approach and spent five years building the entire platform and network from the ground up with an in-house team.

We wrote every single line of code that runs automated trading which means we control the full software stack from top to bottom. It's this level of commitment you won't find anywhere else. Plus, we also...
  • Operate a web-based platform in the cloud, is hosted by AWS, and monitored by our team inside our VPC.
  • Require the highest level of TLS browser encryption and broker dictated security protocols such as OAuth API access to secure your trades.
  • Send all requests originating from bots via point-to-point access from our US-based servers directly to your broker.
  • Provide continuous, high-quality software deployment from our DevOps team who all are also traders themselves.
  • Place multi-tiered WAFs, web application firewalls, in front of all web traffic to protects against malicious hack attempts.
  • Use reverse proxying to scalable web server instances to create the fastest platform possible for our traders.

Patent-pending automated trading technology you won't find anywhere else

Option Alpha
The Rest
No-code, fully automated trading
Automate both options and equity strategies
Pre-built bot templates to clone and edit
Doesn't exist
SmartPricing to enter orders intelligently
Why chance it?
One-click connection to your broker
SmartStops for optimal management of positions
Definitely not
Full control and visibility inside your bots
Instant testing w/ live paper trading
Good luck
Crowdsourced intelligence with template sharing
Say what?
Options backtesting with allocation and frequency variation
Not even close
Dozens of risk controls, position limits, and decision filters
100% US-based support team of real humans
Who knows?

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Gain a competitive edge with next-generation trading automation.

Start trading smarter with automation today

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We help you backtest, automate, and run your trading strategies (stocks or options) with absolutely no coding required.

What can Option Alpha do for me?

We built the next generation trading platform that you always wished was out there but never found, until now. Welcome to your new one-stop-shop for idea generation, research, and trading automation.
Research Ideas

Start your day with a custom news brief, explore ideas in the Community, and backtest options strategies.

Create Bots

Build your own custom options and equity strategies or choose a bot template to customize.

Trade Smarter

Bots automate repetitive trading tasks so you can focus on higher-level strategy optimization to scale your portfolio.

Be a more powerful options trader
Leverage automation to improve returns, find better trades, and transform into a superhuman trader.
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