Mastering Covered Calls

Covered calls are the proverbial “bridge” which many traditional stock investors cross into the world of options trading. The gateway or door to a new paradigm of investing that, when used correctly, offers higher returns and less risk. Yet, most investors are scared away before they even take the first step.

We are taught by traditional media, schooling, and decades of conditioning that the only way to invest and build wealth is via stocks. That you cannot beat the market so why try? But, what if that wasn’t actually true? Wouldn’t you have a moral obligation to change the way you invest if we proved that you could beat the market? We think so.

The goal of is this book is to help educate you on how options trading, in particular covered calls, can help transform the way you build wealth and invest your hard-earned money. You see, options trading isn’t new; it just might be new to you. All you need is someone to hold your hand and help you walk across the bridge.

There’s a completely new world waiting for you and I’d love to be your guide as you start, or continue, this journey. Let’s get started…

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to set up and trade different variations of covered calls.
  • Read the whole strategy guide in less than 2 hours and have it forever to reference.
  • 65-page high resolution downloadable PDF workbook with strategy payoff diagrams.
  • Learn everything from strategy set up, to position management, as well as synthetic strategies.
  • Detailed tips on the best trading timelines, when to exit for maximum win rates and so much more.
Kirk Du Plessis
Mastering Covered Calls

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