What's New in Option Alpha

May 2024

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Trade Ideas enhancements, ability to partially close positions, customization of table columns for bot and position stats, new decision to compare position properties, and more!


  • Ability to partially close positions and close only the short legs of spreads manually
  • New decision to compare position stats vs other positions stats
  • Customization of table columns in trade ideas, bots, positions and screener views
  • Ability to exclude or filter by a symbol in 1 click in Trade Idea by hovering on the symbol
  • New fields added to position details screen, including DIT, open and closed date / time
  • Ability to clear all canceled positions from closed positions list
  • ‘Last’ price of underlying added to Positions section, Trade Ideas and Bot position list
  • New Leg/Delta column added to Trade Ideas
  • New fields added to exported position data: EV at open, Alpha at open, high return %, low return %, high return % date, low return % date


  • Position details window greeks are now separated and bot name is below exit options
  • Included ‘high’ in the trailing stop display for better clarity
  • Enhanced Trade Ideas presets and autotrade buttons
  • Enhanced Leg/Delta display for Positions and Trade Ideas


  • Issue with Identical Leg filter in Open Position action
  • Issue with final price in Trailing Stops
  • Top templates Bots column not sorting completely
  • Position Size field description not showing on inputs window
  • ROR column of Closed positions not sorting
  • Text not wrapping properly inside Profile bio fields
  • Issue preventing VXX from being added to Watchlist from Screener
  • FOMC dates being incorrectly filtered when after an Opportunity
Learn more about these updates here: Option Alpha October 2023 Release
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