What's New in Option Alpha

July 2024

Find and backtest 0DTE and next day trades

0DTE Oracle is a new tool to find 0DTE and next day trading opportunities.

  • Presents a list of actionable trade ideas backtested against the underlying's previous 1 year of intraday minute data
  • Run custom backtests based on market conditions, underlying metrics, technical indicators, FOMC events and day of week
  • Trade SPX for cash settlement and favorable tax treatment
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Dashboard mockup

Backtested trade ideas for earnings reports

Earnings Edge provides a unique math based approach for trading earnings reports that helps find opportunities based on historical post earnings price moves.

  • Visualize post earnings price moves and trade outcomes
  • Organize trading opportunities by date of report, symbol, or strategy
  • Choose your own earnings trade and backtest it against 5 years of earnings data

Integrate Option Alpha with other platforms and services

  • Use webhooks to expand bot functionality in unique and creative ways.
  • Trigger trades and automations using custom trading signals, technical indicators, email alerts, etc
  • Example implementations for TradingView, Zapier and Python

Learn more about webhooks.

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July's release features the 0DTE Oracle and Earnings Edge, two new ways to find backtested trade ideas. Plus, the addition of Webhooks increases flexibility for traders.
Be a more powerful options trader
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