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Option Alpha Lifetime Membership

$2,997 (ONE-TIME)
  • Everything you get in ELITE including; email & SMS text trading alerts, detailed video review each night, current portfolio access, member's only forum, plus...
  • LIFETIME access meaning you'll never have to pay again in the future (ever).
  • Weekly live strategy calls covering our outlook and trades coming up.
  • Monthly live Q&A calls with Kirk to get all your questions answered.
  • Monthly live group coaching webinars to help you quickly grow.
  • Options backtesting and trade optimization software (Coming Soon!)
  • Lifetime access to all our current and future research reports including the SIGNALS technical analysis backtesting report and our upcoming Profit Matrix options backtesting report.
  • HD recordings of all past events so you can go back and review everything if you missed it.
  • Priority support and help before anyone else.
  • NO monthly contracts or hidden fees of any kind. One payment and you're in for life.

"I’m very happy to be a lifetime member! After being a PRO member for a few months, I can clearly see the value and professionalism of your site and that you truly care about your subscribers. I have learned so much from you, and I look forward to many more years of the same. I am delighted to have you as my mentor."

- John Sabol (Memphis)

"Everything is very comprehensive and well presented! I still can't believe all of the in depth training that is provided, on demand, for ELITE members. Best training at the best price, IMO plus I'll get all the software and research in the future included!"

- Ron Foss (Phoenix)

"I will make far more money from your service in the next few months than the nominal fee. It's been well worth the investment."

- Peter Antunes (Winter Springs)

"I decided recently to upgrade to a Lifetime Membership (which is a huge investment for me) because I've easily made more than the cost of the fee based off the trading advice from you. I'm up $1220 so far this week with the last 16 trades. Amazing thanks!"

- Jayson Gadgil (San Diego)

"I just signed up for the ELITE membership and so far I am very pleased with the in-depth weekly strategy calls and monthly office hours which have been so insightful to the overall strategy. I finally feel like I have the confidence to hit my trading goals this year."

- Andrew Chester (Wasington)

"Just started my Lifetime ELITE Membership w/ @OptionAlpha and can't wait to start making SMARTER trades. Come on and join me!"

- Bo Nielsen (Scandinavia)

What's included in the Lifetime membership?

Your new Lifetime membership is at the ELITE membership level and includes all our current (and any future) software, research and training. This means you'll get access to our watch list software, backtesting software, SIGNALS technical analysis research and up-coming Profit Matrix options backtesting research report. Plus, if we ever release new software tools or research you'll get that as well - basically you won't pay anything ever again.

Anything NOT included in Lifetime?

Naturally the only thing not included is one on one coaching time with me, Kirk. I just cannot give away my time forever under one charge. I'm sure many of you understand.

Do you have a payment plan?

Since we unlock access to a ton of features and software as soon as you upgrade, the best we can offer is to break up the Lifetime cost into 2 payments. You can upgrade under the payment plan by clicking here. Please be aware that if you choose the payment plan you are obligated to make both payments.

Any special savings available?

Yes! Right now we are offering Lifetime membership at the best value possible. Once we release our new backtesting software and research on June 1st the price of the Lifetime membership goes up by $1,000 as it will now include the new tools and research.

What new tools or research is scheduled?

We've got a ton of new stuff in the works for release this year. Options backtesting software is launching publicly on June 1st. After that we'll be releasing our Profit Matrix report with backtesting research from millions of option strategies. Other research we plan on releasing include a Covered Calls report, Earnings Trade report, and various Trade Adjustments reports. Again all of these are included in your lifetime membership.

I've got more questions - who can I talk to?

This is a big investment and asking questions is of course welcomed. Please contact us via the support page here. We'll get back to you ASAP.

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