OAP 079: How To Trade Calendar Spreads – The Complete Guide

how to trade calendar spreads-featured

Today’s podcast is all about learning how to trade calendar spreads. And while newbie traders might find them a little difficult to understand conceptually at first, I think you’ll find our talk today to be incredibly helpful as we break down these time spreads from start to finish. During the show, I’ll walk through setting…

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OAP 078: Is Your Investment Portfolio Unbalanced? 4 Ways To Fix It & Get Back To Neutral


I know one of the key elements to successful options trading long-term is maintaining an investment portfolio that is consistently balanced. And when I talk about balance, I’m not talking about 80% stocks and 20% bonds – that’s portfolio diversification. Unlike traditional investment strategies that favor 99% of the portfolio invested in long equities and…

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OAP 077: Scared Of Being Assigned During Options Expiration Week? Here’s The #1 Reason To Stop Worrying


Options expiration week can be a scary time for some traders as they struggle with fears about short option contract assignment. And while the reality is that most options are not assigned, it still creates anxiety and confusion about what to do with short positions that are in-the-money. On today’s podcast, I’ll walk through the…

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OAP 076: Options Trading Education – The Importance Of Setting Deadlines & Goals


Our #1 core value here at Option Alpha is that options trading education comes first before anything else. I believe that you have to crawl before you can walk in this business and it’s why all of our trading courses, guides, and checklists, podcasts, webinars, etc. are completely open and free. Still, I understand that…

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OAP 075: Portfolio Drawdown Stats From 44,801 Backtested Option Strategies


I’ve been trading publicly on Option Alpha for more than eight years now, and I’m still baffled by the number of investors who get absolutely shocked when option trading portfolio drawdowns occur. I’m talking ALL CAPS emails, mind blown, ripping their hair out shocked that a trading system wasn’t a 100% probability of success. And…

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OAP 074: How To Trade Straddles & Strangles In Small Brokerage Accounts


Most newbie option investors start trading with small brokerage accounts. Whether by choice or necessity, the average investor opens up their account with approx $10,000 according to most brokers. And while this isn’t a small amount of money by any means, it does limit your ability to trade more aggressive options strategies like straddles and…

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Impact of Raising Interest Rates On Stock Performance

When the Federal Reserve (Fed) raises interest rates, it impacts many parts of the economy, including the stock market.  Shrinking the money supply helps to keep the lid on inflation, a primary concern of the Fed. It also makes it more expensive to borrow money, causing consumers and businesses to cut back on spending. This,…

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OAP 073: We Examined 8 Short Strangles For Returns & Margin Requirements


What does great pricing look like when trading short strangles? Is it collecting a certain raw dollar amount? Or a certain percentage of the stock price? Without a doubt, these are tough questions to answer for newbie options traders and hard to answer without some context. And while comparing pricing on different risk defined option…

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Iron Condor Adjustments to SPY & EBAY

Iron condor: In tonight’s video, I want to talk about just our two kinds of closing trades and hedge trades that we made here for today, Monday, March 16th. So we did make a closing trade. We actually kind of categorized it, or I categorized it really, as a hedge trade because we didn’t close out…

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OAP 072: Adjustment Triggers – How To Unemotionally Adjust Trades That Don’t Go Your Way


You’ve entered a new option trade with a high probability of success – but you also know that a 70% chance of success doesn’t mean it’s a sure thing. As soon as your order fills the stock starts to move against your position – just your luck right? And each subsequent day the stock continues…

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