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Option Alpha is a simple, powerful video training platform that shows you how to trade options and earn more money (with live trades).

  • Make Money in Any Market. The core strategies we teach show you how to consistently generate profits in up, down or sideways markets.
  • Find High Probability Setups. We'll show you how to easily find and enter option trades that have more than a 70% chance of winning long-term.
  • Spend 50% Less Time Scanning. Use our proprietary tools and guides to slash your scanning time in half by focusing on just 7 things before making a trade.
  • Build Your Confidence Fast. Similar to how hedge funds make money, our system is based 100% on historical probabilities so you can be confident it really works.
  • Step-by-Step Video Lessons. The 12 video modules that form our core training break down everything you need to know from start to finish in short, simple lessons.
  • Mobile Responsive Platform. We know you're busy so we built our entire platform to be 100% mobile responsive so you can keep learning at home or on-the-go.

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"Options trading is easy to learn. Having the confidence to place the right trades week after week is the hard part."

A Special Note from Kirk Du Plessis, our Founder & Head Trader

If you were going to tell a friend to start trading options, where would you tell them to go? I'm sure you can recommend a book or watch some crappy stock market news channel. But what if you really wanted to guarantee results?


I wondered that myself.

And following both my successes (worked in NYC as an investment banker and in DC as a REIT Analyst before helping co-found a Hedge Fund) and failures (wasted 1.5 years and $15k trying to day trade), I learned there are certain principles that make a successful trader.

So the more than 8 years ago my team and I built this education platform to show you how to trade options so that you can generate monthly income.

But, we realized that people need more than just the blueprint.

Here's an example. . .

I was working out recently and was going to stop at 10 reps on the bench press. Fortunately, my trainer Stephen H. was there and he pushed me to get 12 (just 2 more). NO, I can't get it I squealed pushing the weight up!

He persisted and I got to 12.

It dawned on me just then that it's exactly what I want to do with this program for you and your trading - push you towards a new realization and understanding of how the markets actually work (and how to make money trading high probability option setups).

All along, "sitting" right next to you to help you get it done.

That's why I always say that options trading is easy to understand on the outside. It's following a profitable system day in and day out that gets hard (like working out each week).

So, if you want to start trading options the right way, I promise you that our training and coaching here at Option Alpha will help you get there.

Happy Trading!

P.S. Yes, I'm serious about this and NO I don't need your money. This is why I give away ALL our video training and courses for FREE, when other companies charge you thousands for sub par quality programs.

If you are in debt or want some get rich quick scheme, this is not for you. BUT if you are willing to do some work at your pace then we are available to help :)

Only Options Trading Gives You the Flexibility to Earn Consistent Income in Any Market

Stop wasting your time trying to pick stocks. Discover how to leverage the power of options and volatility to profit in any market direction.

Limited Risk Options Trading

Limited Risk Trades

Options trading allows you to limit your maximum risk on any single trade which means you can never lose more than you are willing to accept. You're in control, not the market.

Portfolio Insurance

Cheap Portfolio Insurance

For most stock investors, fears of another market crash keep them up a night. Using options however, you can finance low-cost insurance that protects your entire stock portfolio.

Consistent Monthly Income

Monthly Income Potential

With options you can sell options on a weekly or monthly basis that generate steady and reliable long-term income for your portfolio by allowing the positions to expire.

Options Time Decay

Minimal Time Committment

Get back the hours wasted researching a company's financials or earnings report. Options trading is numbers based and once you learn the basics it's easy to find trades.

High Probability Trading

Probability Based Trading

Unlike stock trading, which research has been proven to be unreliable, options allows you to create positions that have a 70%+ chance of being profitable long-term.

Options Trading Leverage

Leverage Your Money

Leverage is the main reason why option trading returns are so high. And it's because one single option contract leverages control of up to 100 shares of underlying stock.

Non Directional Trading

Profit in Any Direction

Movement in any direction is profitable for option traders. Make money trading overall market volatility and in any market direction (up, down, slow, fast or sideways).

Options Strategies

Targeted Event Strategies

Options traders have the flexibility to invest is anything. Build hyper-targetted strategies around particular market events such as an earnings release, Fed interest rate decision, etc.

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Get Instant Access to Option Alpha's #1 Ranked Training Platform with a Free Membership

It's always free, for as long as you want with no hidden costs. You can easily upgrade later to unlock more features and controls.

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