Optimize Your Trades Using Backtesting Data

Proprietary software runs real-time trade optimization data, so that you can entry the top ranked trade setups for the exact market situation.

Market Setup

Trade Optimizer

Welcome to the Trade Optimizer. We built this software to quickly and efficiently scan our database of millions of backtested options strategies to find the top strategies to use in whatever current market situation you’re in right now. Please select the optimization factor and current market conditions below and we’ll use these inputs to determine the top option strategies.

Select Optimization Factor
Please select the optimization factor we’ll use to determine the top option strategies we’ll scan for using the market data you input below.

Select Market Outlook
Choose your directional assumption for the underlying security you are analyzing. If you’re not sure about the direction then select Neutral.

Days to Expiration (Closest)
Here you’ll use the slider to let the optimizer know how far you are from expiration. Input the number of days until expiration closest the contracts you’re looking to trade. If it’s 28 days until expiration then you’ll choose 30 on the slider.

10 20 30 40 50 60 90

Current Implied Volatility (IV) Rank
The final step is to select the current level of implied volatility. Again, you’ll want to match this up as close as you can to the underlying security. For example, if AAPL has IV Rank of 31 right now you’ll select the 25th level since it’s closer than the 50th level.

Under 15th 25th 50th Over 75th
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