19 Top Places To Get Real-Time Stock Market Quotes And News

real time stock quotes

Keeping up with the financial market news and finding real time stock quotes is a really important aspect for anyone who wants to trade options but it can be a challenge with companies news changing daily and platforms for real time stock quotes coming and going on a daily basis.

So we have done the hard work for you and compiled a list of links to the market news and stock quote sites we recommend to all of our members. If you have any others that you think are even better, please do let us know in the comment box.

Where To Go For Real Time Stock Quotes And Market News


This financial news site brings in stock market news from across the world and allows you to choose which area of the globe you want to examine. It has a scrolling banner showing breaking news every day and also the live trading levels for the key indexes. If you want bang up to date news including political issues, economic issues, and company news which will all impact on the market, from around the world, then you can’t go far wrong with bookmarking this site and checking it out regularly.

CNN Money

CNN Money is a site run by CNN, but it does cover the global marketplace and features news from across the world, not just the US. It includes company news, politics, and covers specific industries including automotive and technology on the site. You can easily access the current stock market levels in the markets tab, and there is a useful video directory which primarily features news and some paid for media as well.


Not just for finance news, Reuters is a global news wire service covering all aspects of news but its business and finance section is top notch and features relevant financial, economic and political stories from around the world. There are also dedicated market and money sections on the site delving much deeper into the market news, split out by type of market and country and offering advice on the latest movements and investment opportunities. A perfect site for all your market news and information needs, including real time stock quotes.

The Street

The Street is a dedicated financial news platform featuring a detailed analysis of all the latest news, events, political turmoil and company activity which are having an impact on the stock market today. The site features a dedicated section for options trading offering real time stock quotes, advice and news on current options investments as well as articles, features, and tips for traders.

Seeking Alpha

This site is dedicated solely to the stock market and includes real time stock quotes, market news, analysis, and advice. As well as overall market report it features sections on specific markets, including quick tip lists, market gains and losses and suggested strategies. It covers both global and US markets, today’s stock movements and has editors’ pick of the day. If you want a dedicated platform with all the stock market news at your fingertips, then check this out.

Wall Street Journal

This US news outlet includes a dedicated markets section featuring all of the live market prices for the key indexes in a scrolling banner, as well as up-to-date news and economic information. There are videos and podcasts on the site and a quote section as well.


As the name suggests, MarketWatch offers a window into the day’s stock movement with live charts and ticker displays. There is a quote section and in-depth information about all stock movement. This is not so much a news site with more of a focus on the financial numbers.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is another news site as you’d expect from the Yahoo group. However, there is detailed financial information on the site if you dig a little deeper through the navigation. You can even find live pricing for the most traded options that day.


This site holds a wealth of information including stock quotes, company news, analysis, interactive charts and historical data for all of the public companies in the U.S.A

Google Finance

This tool gives you all of the up to the minute news from Google as well as providing tools if you have a Google account to develop quotes and access your portfolio. It features news and figures from all of the global markets.


This specialist site provides quick and easy visualization of the marketplace with charts showing in colors if the market is bearish or bullish, and a ticker table highlighting stocks with unusual volume, high volatility and those who are gaining or losing.


Powered by CNBC, this site gives a detailed overview of the marketplace but also has a forum with expert traders sharing their views and opinions on the day and the trends happening currently in the marketplace under their Trading Nation section


This hub offers news, analysis, and insight for all traders, including free tools, a portfolio manager option and a company directory of all US equities currently being traded.


This is a membership service but also offers free market news and information across all of the global markets.

MSN Money

This is a general money news site with the latest news and intelligence from the biggest markets and does give you the opportunity to create your watch list. The site also includes a broker center.

Fox Business

As you would expect, this site is run by Fox News and primarily features news stories on finance from around the world, along with some information about stock rises and falls but it is mainly focussed on news stories rather than figures.

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This site is different to all the rest in that it is a provider of market data to businesses and individuals. If you go into the Options section, it features the current options with high volatility as well as suggested spreads so gives a lot more detail for traders than some of the more generic sites.


This platform now provides a way to manage all of your portfolios in one place with a registration process. The generic site provides definitions for all sorts of information, for example, it lists every single currency for every country and what it’s called and what it’s worth. There is also a listing for all the key companies in the stock market, and who they are so it’s a great site for background information.


This site offers independent research, tools, and advice for both investors, individuals, and companies and has been working in the industry for the past 30 years. It features a wealth of stock market news, updates and live numbers for traders at all levels.

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