Account Management Improvements Released

We've added new platform features to enhance your account management, organization, and portfolio visibility. Check it out!
Ryan Hysmith
Sep 24, 2021
2 min read
Account Management Improvements Released

The latest platform update includes account management improvements that provide better visibility across your bots and additional bot organization features. 

Summary Stats on the Bot Dashboard

New summary statistics add an organizational layer to your automated trading. You can now see the total capital allocated, net liquidation value, total P/L, maintenance margin required, and the day’s P/L for all of your bots in one display.

Summary statistics on bot dashboard

Summary statistics give you a bird’s eye view of your bot activity and provide strategic insights for efficient capital allocation. 

For example, the “Allocated” value displays the total dollar amount of capital allocated to all your bots, and you can compare that to your total account value. 

If you have a $10,000 portfolio and five bots trading a total allocation of $7,000, you can quickly see that $3,000 or 30% of your account is unallocated. 

You can make portfolio cash management decisions by comparing the maintenance margin to your allocated capital to efficiently manage your trading capital.

Trading Accounts Tab

A Trading Accounts tab is now located in the Profile Settings section. You can see all your paper trading accounts and connected accounts in one place.

Trading accounts tab highlighted

Each connected account is listed with its trading level authorization displayed. You can create, name, and rename multiple paper trading accounts for better organization. 

The Trading Accounts page is also where you authorize live trading access to your brokerage accounts. 

Account Selector Navigation

The Account Selector dropdown provides easy navigation between trading accounts. You can switch between trading accounts from the bot dashboard or a bot’s settings tab.

Trading account selector dropdown menu

You can also navigate to the Trading Accounts page to manage your connected accounts from the Account Selector dropdown on the bot dashboard.

Account selector dropdown from bot settings display

These new features improve the user experience inside the platform and give you a clear, concise picture of your bot activity.

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